1. It’s About TIME

    The impact of timely access to earned wages on American workers.

    100 million Americans live paycheck-to-paycheck. 40% couldn't come up with $400 in the event of an emergency. These are your neighbors, family members, and friends, salary as well as hourly. Why is this happening in the richest country in the world? And what can be done? Watch the short documentary.

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  2. We Heard You

    Animated film tribute to workers & businesses

    Workers are suffering unnecessary financial stress, and Payactiv is changing that. Payactiv serves millions of users and moves billions of dollars to support financial wellness among those who need it most.

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  3. “The best buddy”

    Our businesses are made up of human beings—with beating hearts, just like your own. As leaders, we must carefully reflect upon the needs and experiences of our workers. We do this not only to manage our companies and build better products, but to foster a synchronicity with the people whose livelihoods are intertwined with ours.

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