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financial wellness service - timing of pay

Timing of pay and the velocity of money

By putting money in the wallet of your employees, we help them manage their budget and stimulate the economy because money is now changing hands.


White Paper: FinTech Solution for Financial Wellness of Employees

An estimated 90M workers in the US are living paycheck to paycheck and even a tiny financial shock can cause late fees, bank penalties and the need for very expensive payday advances. Payactiv financial services, delivered in partnership with employers as employee benefits help build a stronger healthier business.


How to retain employees - case study in healthcare sector

Baton Rouge General provides staff members with groundbreaking financial wellness services that helps recruit and retain the best and the brightest employees, to deliver compassionate, state-of-the-art patient care.


Absenteeism at Work Due to Financial Stress

Absenteeism and loss of productivity is a major cost to businesses and health issue for employees under severe financial stress of overdue bills and late payments. PayActiv financial wellness employee benefit helps build a more productive and engagement workforce.


Debt Traps: CFPB’s Proposed Rules On Payday Lending

The Consumer Finance Protection Board has issued proposed rules governing payday and other small loans. Here is the snapshot of what you need to know.


Financial App for Employees to Access Wages, Budget and Save

PayActiv’s financial wellness services delivered as an employee benefit are designed to create a financially healthy workforce. Businesses benefit in improved productivity and engagement when their workers are happier and committed at work.

What is FinTax?

How FinTech creates a FinTax on the working class

What is a FinTax? It is the unintended consequence of FinTech. An average of $1,200 per year, per family, that goes out of circulation and into the financial system.


Overdraft and Late Fees, Real Cost of Waiting for Pay

Waiting for pay creates a mismatch in income-expense cash flow creating cash droughts that push the employee towards fee and debt traps.

Employee engagement - room for dreams

Employee Engagement and Morale at Work - Creating Room for Dreams

This micro-documentary provides a window into how PayActiv users have benefitted from our financial wellness solution and employers’ perspectives on how PayActiv is a tool for improved employee productivity, retention and engagement.


Why is PayActiv Winning? A financial wellness benefit for middle and low income employees

Instead of offering high interest rates, treacherous loans and the downward spiral of debt directly to already stressed employees, PayActiv brings the employer into the equation and changes the velocity of pay.


PayActiv Awarded Best of Show at Finovate 2016

At PayActiv we have reimagined the concept of savings. Our savings and budgeting app changes the status quo and makes savings simple, practical and achievable.


FinTech Innovation: Changing the Way the World Gets Paid

PayActiv CEO Safwan Shah sheds light on the economic damage caused by the alternative financial services industry and how PayActiv can help millions of people with their financial struggles.


PayActiv Demo at Finovate Spring 2015

At Finovate Spring 2015 C.E.O Safwan Shah uses the MyMo mobile app to demonstrate how PayActiv intends to make a difference in the way earned wages are paid, consumed and saved.

It is more than a paycheck,
it is peace of mind!

It is more than a paycheck, it is peace of mind!

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