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In-App Help

If you’ve already enrolled in PayActiv, you can access help from any screen after you sign-in. It will open detailed guides designed to help you use each feature and provide answers to frequently asked questions.

Need help getting started?

New users who want to enroll and get started, please continue reading below.

What is PayActiv?

PayActiv is an employee financial wellness benefit that lets you take a pay advance before payday. You access the advance using the PayActiv mobile app, website, or ATM (only at select locations). In addition, PayActiv provides many services including bill pay, savings and budgeting tool, discounts, and financial health counseling.

Who Can Enroll?

PayActiv is an employer-sponsored service, meaning only employees of businesses that offer PayActiv can enroll. If your employer does not offer PayActiv, you can contact us and we can follow-up with your employer about adding this service for their employees.

How to Enroll?

You can enroll using any one of the following methods:

  1. PayActiv mobile app
  2. Web browser
  3. SMS or text message
  4. Email or help phone line

Once you have downloaded the app or are at https://web.payactiv.com follow the on-screen steps where you will be asked to provide your name, employee ID, mobile phone number, company name, email address and your mailing address.

If you haven't downloaded the app and do not have access to a browser, you can text “enroll me” to 1-877-937-6966 and follow the instructions, or you can email us your information at enrollme@payactiv.com. Lastly, you can also call the support line 1-877-937-6966 to enroll.

Enrollment is free and only takes 2 minutes. Once enrolled, you’re ready to sign in and start using our services through the PayActiv phone app or website, https://web.payactiv.com.

How to download the PayActiv Phone App?

The PayActiv app is available for both Apple iOS and Android devices.


Click here to download from the Apple app store

Click here to download Android version from Google Play store.

If you have any trouble with the above links, simply search for “PayActiv app” in any search engine and you will find the links.

It is free to download and install.

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