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Boost Employee Spirit and Productivity in The Holiday Season This Year

Easily implement these 4 things in your company to boost employee spirit and productivity this holiday season to offset financial and holiday stress.

3 Things You Need To Improve Employee Financial Wellness

The more the faith employees hold in their present and future prosperity, the more productive and engaged they are in your workplace. It’s simple, really.

PTSD and Financial Stress: How Are They Related?

Research shows that 1 in 4 Americans experience PTSD-like symptoms from financial stress. Needless to say, understanding acute financial stress is a crucial asset in improving workplace performance and employee financial health.

How PayActiv Helps Your HR Department

Are you sick of handling the heavy work during implementation? (Orientation processes, educating employees on new benefits, administrative tasks, etc.) We know most companies are, which is why we’ve created a simple setup process that requires minimal effort from your company.

Happy Labor Day 2017

We reiterate PayActiv’s commitment to reduce the systemic burden placed on low-income workers. By providing a fair, safe financial wellness solution.

Real Time, Real Money

Time is the single most significant limitation imposed universally on all human life, so when we save time, we create genuine economic value.

The Correlation Between Health Decline and Financial Stress

The truth is, most employee stress—and therefore, most common employee health complications—can be traced back to financial instability.

3 Ways Compassion Sets Your Employees and Company Up For Success

Compassionate workplace culture not only breeds happier employees, but also increases productivity, business efficiency, and employee loyalty.

Engaged Employees are High-Performers, but Financial Uncertainty Leads to Disengagement

When margins are thin and competition is intense, you can’t simply raise wages and call it a day. You need creative options that can produce clear outcomes.

Working Mothers Seek Greater Financial Control

Working mothers face particularly high levels of stress in today’s economy – and employers are challenged to address this issue if they wish to retain their best.

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It's more than a paycheck. It's peace of mind.

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