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In Search of Financial Wellness

Financial security and wellness have proven elusive to many of today’s workers. They express anxiety and uncertainty that is almost certainly debilitating in terms of their performance at work.

What Happened when McDonald’s Took on Personal Money Management?

But McDonald’s realized years ago that many of its employees might be struggling financially. Rising to the challenge, the company sponsored a well-meaning initiative in 2013 that was designed to give its workers budgeting advice. This didn’t turn out well.

Taking the Friction Out of Pay Advances

Instructions for issuing a payroll advance to an hourly employee after your company has made the PayActiv app available:
1. Carry on with your normal workday
2. Accept your employees’ gratitude

No accounting or payroll system to access, no check, and no forms to fill!!!

America’s Hourly Workers: Who are They and What are They Facing?

Any financial blow that overwhelms you can undermine you at work. And so goes the chain of events that make opportunity elusive to many hourly workers struggling to better themselves.

Workers of the World, THANK YOU!

Because no matter what you’ve been told about robots and automation and artificial intelligence, hourly workers still provide much of the connective tissue that keeps our highly developed economic system functional.

Be A Great Business

Employers need to look beyond the traditional benefits package and look for companies with innovative ideas in providing services that help employees with better managing their personal finances, solving their problems of today, and setting them on a ramp to success and savings.

Open Letter to Employers: Time to Improve Your Workers’ Financial Lives!

The financial stress experienced by hourly workers isn’t relieved by standard HR financial wellness programs like retirement planning or health savings plans.

Employee Net Promoter Score, More Than Just a Number

The average employee net promoter score amongst PayActiv users is 73, which means 8 out of 10 employees respond that they would recommend their place of work to others.

BayPay Thought Leadership

PayActiv has simply built a guardrail for employees via which they have resolved the problem of between paychecks financing.

Financial Stress increases employee turnover, what can employers do?

71% of employees say they suffer from sever financial stress and 1 in 3 say that worrying about money matters effects their work. Employers can help employees break this cycle.

It's more than a paycheck.
It's peace of mind!

It's more than a paycheck. It's peace of mind!

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