An all-inclusive Financial Wellness platform

Learn how Earned Wage Access and our suite of tools can make a real impact on your employees’ Financial Wellness.
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Live the life you earned
With Payactiv, you can access your wages as you earn them before payday, build better financial habits, get exclusive discounts, and more!
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EWA shields workers from financial vulnerability
As a top financial wellness provider, Payactiv annually assesses the impact of Earned Wage Access (EWA) through customer surveys to understand their outcomes.
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Own your day

Get what you’ve already earned, right now, to pay bills or buy what you need. No loans—your money, in your hands.
Budgeting and Saving

Make room for plans

Know what’s possible to save or spend, get help with budgets, savings, and debt—all in the Payactiv App.1
Shift scheduling

Work your way

Get company announcements, pick up shifts, and get reminders and alerts from work.
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Your livelihood,
in hand

No cost to open a Payactiv account where you can easily manage your everyday needs and plans for the future

We serve more than
2 million people today

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Your livelihood is
our life’s work

In 2012 we innovated the way to get paid when you work, not two weeks later. So far we’ve moved $5B+ in wages to workers, helping save $400M+ in predatory fees and penalties.**

As a Certified B-Corp, Payactiv meets the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability, helping you thrive today and plan for tomorrow. Because our economy—and our world—flourish only when the people who work to create it have an honest chance to prosper.

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More than 1,500
companies use Payactiv

Good for people
is good for business

Reduced turnover
0 %
Saved by workers
$ 0 M
Employer cost
$ 0

Have questions? We have answers.

Everybody! Even if your employer isn’t enrolled in Payactiv, you can apply for the Payactiv Visa Card* and receive your paycheck up to 2 days early1 and use our in-app savings tools, prescription discounts, and 1:1 financial counseling.

1 Many (but not all) employers, government benefits providers, and other originators send direct deposits early with an effective of 1-2 days later. Beginning with your second direct deposit of at least $5 from the same source, Central Bank of Kansas City (CBKC) will post the funds to your Payactiv Visa Card when we receive it, rather than on the effective date. This may result in your having access to the funds sooner. The date CBKC receives your direct deposit and the effective date are controlled by the originator.

If you have Payactiv from work, you will see hours worked and your current earnings in the app and you can transfer the accessible amount to your bank, card or get as cash.

Funds accessed using Payactiv will show as a deduction on your next paycheck.

We make money from the “interchange rate” when you use the Payactiv Visa Card* for online or in-store purchases. That’s the fee a merchant pays us with every card transaction. If you get Payactiv through your employer and have a Payactiv Visa Card* with direct deposit, you can access your earned wages at no cost when funds are transferred to the Payactiv Card. Creating a Payactiv account is free for all users and contains many free features including bill pay, discounts, financial counseling, and budgeting and savings tools. If your employer offers EWA, you can view disbursement options and fees at Payactiv Visa Card users with direct deposit (minimum required) enjoy free real-time EWA transfers and additional exclusive discounts.

Payactiv uses time and attendance data to provide earned wage access to  employees. It works with existing systems and there’s no cost to the business in offering Payactiv services as an employee benefit.

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Make livelihood yours

Payactiv App Card Make livelihood yours

We’re accountable

Payactiv operates as a public benefit corporation and certified B Corp—using business as a force for good. We’re required to balance purpose and profit by considering how our decisions affect our workers, customers, and community.