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PayActiv has produced a collection of short videos covering a range of topics explaining the PayActiv financial wellness platform, how it helps employees in financial stress, how to partner with PayActiv, and testimonials from real users and customers.

Caring for Employees is Good Business

Henry Loving saw the news about PayActiv and thought, “Wow! What a great idea!” He just wanted to take good care of his employees so they could take good care of the customers. Living from paycheck to paycheck is stressful, but once Henry offered them PayActiv, his employees have become more focused on their work, and less distracted by occasional financial emergencies.
Length: 3 minutes 25 seconds

How to lower turnover and improve engagement: PayActiv Financial Wellness Benefit

PayActiv’s wellness benefit will alleviate financial stress for your most valuable resource – your employees, resulting in a more engaged, motivated and productive workforce!

Watch the many benefits of deploying a financial wellness program that provides better financial services to your employees.
Length: 1 minute 44 seconds

How PayActiv Financial Wellness Benefit Works

PayActiv is a revolutionary mobile app that allows employees to access a portion of their earned wages before payday. This means that any employee who has enrolled in the PayActiv program, can take a portion of their earned but unpaid wages as a wage advance.

Watch how this transformative financial wellness benefit works
Length: 1 minute 23 seconds

Creating room for dreams

This micro-documentary profiles three users and the ways in which PayActiv provided them with security, dignity and savings by solving their financial issues with a timely solution.

When a business takes care of its employees, it profits from employee engagement and commitment which translates to an increase in productivity and reduction in turnover costs. Hear directly from a PayActiv customer on the benefits accrued to businesses.
Length: 2 minutes 46 seconds

Timing of pay and the velocity of money

By putting money in the wallet of your employees, we help them manage their budget and stimulate the economy because money is now changing hands.

Safwan Shah, PayActiv CEO, speaking at the Banking Disrupted Conference by Silicon Valley Innovation Center
Length: 7 minutes 56 seconds

PayActiv Awarded Best of Show at Finovate 2016

At PayActiv we have reimagined the concept of savings. Our savings and budgeting app makes savings simple, practical and achievable.

People who found it impossible to save $500 were able to start saving without any training.

YouTube link -
Length: 7 minutes 11 seconds

PayActiv demo at Finovate Spring 2015

At Finovate Spring 2015, CEO Safwan Shah uses the PayActiv mobile app to demonstrate how PayActiv makes a difference in the way earned wages are paid, consumed and saved.

YouTube link -
Length: 6 minutes 56 seconds

How financial wellness benefits improve financial health of employees and businesses

No hard working person should ever have to pay predatory fees for access to cash, pay bills, transfer funds.

We have invented a turnkey FinTech solution that works with existing HR and payroll systems, has no cost to the business, adds zero-debt to employees, and is the most impactful financial wellness service in the industry.

Original title - Anna and Emily part I
YouTube link - 
Length: 1 minute 34 seconds

Best financial wellness app for employees: Access earned wages, save and budget

Has an employee ever asked for a cash advance? Are businesses equipped to handle such requests? Is there a financial app for this?

PayActiv has innovated a solution which is offered to employees in partnership with employers to meet the short-term small-dollar needs of employees.

Original title - Anna and Emily part II
YouTube link - 
Length: 1 minute 32 seconds

Real Time Payroll, A FinTech Innovation

PayActiv CEO Safwan Shah sheds light on the economic damage caused by the alternative financial services industry and how PayActiv can help millions of people with their financial struggles.

PayActiv’s Real Time payroll is just one of our services. We also offer tools to save money, create and manage savings and lots more.

YouTube link -
Length: 7 minutes 11 seconds

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It's more than a paycheck. It's peace of mind.

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