What Our Partners Say

“I was so appreciative of the fact that PayActiv did all the heavy lifting, and they still do all the heavy lifting. From a business partner perspective, I’m so appreciative when my partners are willing to take the load. That’s always a win.”

- Sarah Stephenson, CHRO of CraftWorks Restaurants & Breweries

“PayActiv is the most influential benefit that I’ve ever offered in my career. The impact has been tremendous for us.”

- Jennifer Smith, HR Director of Nazareth Home

“I would seriously consider PayActiv as an option for your employees. You’re not going to go wrong.”

- Anne Segura, Senior Director of HR at Baton Rouge General Medical Center

"PayActiv has been a fabulous addition to our benefits package for our teachers and staff. They've been very grateful for and enthusiastic about the opportunity and resource to access their earned pay to address short term, unanticipated financial situations.  Implementation and ongoing support have been incredibly simple and required virtually no administrative effort on our part.  Given the low cost and highly positive impact of the PayActiv service, I believe that every company would be wise to adopt it for their staff and absolutely, highly recommend PayActiv."

-Paul Zengilowski, Executive at Heartworks and Renaissance Schools, Inc.

"As a small business we found PayActiv to be the perfect solution.  It allows our employees to use funds they've already earned in cases of financial emergency without causing undue burden to us as an employer. It's simple to use for both the employee and the employer with highly attentive customer service.  We'd absolutely recommend PayActiv to other employers!"

-Christine Walker, Human Resources Executive at Gideon USA

"We decided to use PayActiv as an alternative to giving employees in need of emergency funds a loan from company funds.  We also wanted to add PayActiv to our benefits package to help attract and retain employees and your program fit the bill."

- Manufacturing plant executive at Emco Industries

"The employees did their part -- they had done the work. We felt wherever possible, we should do our part by moving up their payday for part of their salary to cover an unexpected bill. Since this is a benefit that our people like, and that very few of our competitors offer, our people are less likely to look for another job."

- Amir Ulislam, CEO if Jersey Precast

“By improving financial wellness, PayActiv helps us optimize productivity.”

- Kendall Johnson, CFO, BRG Medical Center

“I am proud to offer PayActiv to my staff. We receive nothing but positive feedback.”

- Mike Martin, CEO Visiting Angels

“For us PayActiv is about stability in the workplace and higher retention rates.”

- Mike Fox, CEO Goodwill of Silicon Valley

“I was thrilled to see this program and delighted to bring it to our staff.”

- Mary Haynes, President and CEO, Nazareth Homes

“I feel that I have a competitive advantage because I offer PayActiv.”

- Henry Loving, Owner and CEO, Lee's Famous Recipe Chicken

Access is more than a paycheck.
It's peace of mind.

Access is more than a paycheck. It's peace of mind.

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