Financial Wellness Benefits That Matter: Improving Hiring & Retention Strategies With On-Demand Pay


In today’s economy, financial stress remains a leading cause of employee turnover and disengagement, leading more employers to explore the benefits of financial wellness programs as part of their recruitment and retention strategies. However, not all financial wellness benefits are created equal.

This webinar examines the importance of financial wellness benefits in improving hiring and retention strategies, with a specific focus on the impact of on-demand pay solutions. It explores the role of employers in helping employees meet their financial wellness goals and the specific benefits of on-demand pay solutions, including how they reduce employee stress, increase engagement, and improve overall financial well-being.

It also examines the impact of on-demand pay solutions on employers’ existing employee base and discusses case studies highlighting the measurable benefits of early wage access programs. Attendees leave with an understanding of the future of wellness benefits and the crucial role of on-demand pay solutions in achieving better financial outcomes for employees and employers alike.

Join our panel of experts as we explore the intersection of financial wellness benefits and recruitment and retention strategies and learn how on-demand pay solutions can help improve your organization’s overall financial well-being.

Mike Johnson Payactiv


 Mike Johnson, Payactiv’s VP of Sales, Payactiv

Mike Johnson heads Payactiv’s Sales Ops team where he and his team focus on providing financial wellness solutions to both enterprise and SMB clients that help them attract and retain top talent. Mike brings 17 years of experience working with HR teams of all sizes to identify their key objectives and align them with solutions that drive results. Mike is purpose-driven and joined Payactiv after immediately seeing the impact Earned Wage Access can have on improving the quality of life of millions of Americans who live paycheck to paycheck.
Steve Boyd American Senior Communities and Payactiv


Steve Boyd, Senior Director of HRIS at American Senior Communities
Steve Boyd is a leading HCM administration professional who has supported corporate employee centric human resources and payroll initiatives for over 20 years. In the past 11 years, Steve has been focused on providing innovated HR and payroll solutions in the long-term care vertical, with cycles as Sr HRIS Director for 2 leading healthcare providers in the eastern United States. For the previous 6 years, Steve has been working to elevate the employee experience and support healthcare outcomes by implementing world-class HRIS tools and processes for the employees at American Senior Communities L.L.C. based in Indianapolis, IN. Steve believes that in healthcare, your employees make the difference and that meeting the employee where THEY ARE when it comes to software has a positive impact on employee wellbeing and significantly boosts care outcomes.

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