On-demand Access to Earned Wages

On-Demand Pay

Access your earned wages on-demand from the Payactiv app. No more waiting for payday, borrowing, overdrafts and late fees. Now you can use your money to pay for what you need when you need it.

How it works

Access your
earned wages

Your worked hours turn into accessible wages in the Payactiv app1

Tackle daily

Use wages to pay for an upcoming bill, an Uber, discounted gas, and more

settle funds

On payday, the wages you accessed will show as deductions on your paycheck


Your money when you need it

Every day you work, a percentage of your net earnings will be accessible to you in the Payactiv on-demand pay app. It is totally up to you when and how you want to transfer these funds.

  • Move money to your bank account, debit card, prepaid or payroll card
  • Transfer wages to your Payactiv Visa Card
  • Pick up your earned wages as cash at Walmart
  • Use your accessible earnings to pay a bill, call an Uber, or shop on Amazon

In their own words

Don’t have access to EWA?

Head to the Payactiv app to search through thousands of job listings from companies we partner with. You can also fill out the form so our people can call your people and make Payactiv EWA available at your workplace.

Have questions? We have answers.

If you have Payactiv from work, you will see hours worked and your current earnings in the on-demand pay app you can transfer the accessible amount to your bank, card or get as cash.

Every pay period, you can access a portion of what you’ve already earned. Transfer your wages to your card or bank account, or pick up cash from a Walmart Money Center. The limit for a single EWA transfer is $750 without Direct Deposit set up, and $1500 with Direct Deposit set up. However, the maximum accessible amount is ultimately determined by employer settings.

You can transfer to the Payactiv Card or your personal card in real-time for a small fee. If your employer offers EWA, you can view disbursement options and fees at payactiv.com/program-pricing. ACH bank transfers are completed in 1-3 business days.

Funds accessed using Payactiv will show as deductions on your next paycheck.