Financial Wellness Platform and Benefits for Employees

Payactiv is the leading provider of Earned Wage Access service that helps employees manage day-to-day finances and bills without taking loans. Our app provides a holistic approach to financial wellness with services that help build financial resilience by saving towards short- and medium-term goals.

Simply put, Payactiv makes it easy to access, plan, spend and save to live today with dignity, while building financial security and savings for tomorrow.

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Our mission is to help more people have access to the best financial services at the best possible price—zero.

Covid-19 has made finances the top cause of financial stress, even above job, health, and relationships combined.​


Two-thirds of employees are experiencing increased financial stress


Employees with stress 4x more likely to not meet monthly expenses on time


Twice more likely to have used a payday loan or payday advance in the past year

Help your employees get more out of their livelihood

No hidden fees


Timely access to earned wages when it matters most. User can transfer money to their bank or card, or use built-in bill pay, Uber, and AmazonCash.

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Stay on track with SmartSpend guidance when making spending and saving decisions. Get access to better digital banking with the Payactiv app and card.



Get 1-1 advise with appointments with professional coaches on saving and budgeting skills, debt management, and credit score improvement strategies.



Set money aside with SmartSave guidance and reach achievable goals each month. Use discounts for gas, prescription medicines, and other day-to-day items.

2M+ workers have saved $400M+ with Payactiv. 

Our integration with leading HCM, Payroll, and T&A providers make it simple to offer a comprehensive financial wellness benefit to employees at no cost.


Improves Hiring and

Payactiv is proven to increase retention by an average of 30% and can save businesses millions in turnover cost.


Seamlessly Integrates with
Existing Systems

Payactiv partners with all major HCM, payroll and T&A providers like ADP, Paychex, Kronos and over 70 others.


Streamlines Payroll
at No Cost

Payactiv fronts the money requested by your employees and is paid back when you process payroll normally. It’s a zero-cost benefit that requires no change to cash flow.


Reduces Employee
Financial Stress

Timely access to earned wages helps tackle day to day finances without worry. The app also includes free financial learning and counseling, discounts, and goal-based savings.

Everything you need to know about a holistic financial wellness benefit that increases retention by 36%, dramatically raises employee engagement and recruits more ideal talent while improving the lives of your employees.

Learn how Payactiv financial wellness program can work for your company