Discover the PayActiv Holistic Financial Wellness Platform

PayActiv partners with employers to provide a suite of services for employees to manage their present financial needs, avoid fee and debt traps, and save for their future.

By adopting our comprehensive Financial Wellness Platform you will

How PayActiv Improves Your Employees' Financial Well-being

PayActiv is not a loan. It simply allows your employees to access money they have already earned but not yet been paid.

PayActiv gives employees timely access to the amount they need, precisely when their need is critical, ensuring the money helps bring about the most optimal outcome with no additional debt.

How PayActiv Reduces Workplace Stress

With PayActiv, an employer can provide workers with more peace of mind, which minimizes stress, improves physical health, and even reduces the frequency of workplace accidents.

Simply knowing that their employer cares about their financial well-being will build trust and loyalty among employees, substantially improving their morale, but also their engagement.

If workers aren’t worrying so much about how to pay for emergency expenses or unanticipated charges, they will be thinking about job performance instead of personal issues.

When workers are less distracted by impending late fees, unanticipated costs, and similar problems, they are better able to focus on their jobs and remain engaged with their work.

How PayActiv Saves Cost Employers and Employees

Nearly half of U.S. employees report spending 3 hours a week or more dealing with personal financial problems while at work, and many say that financial problems have occasionally caused them to miss work entirely, or to change jobs.

But PayActiv users suffer less from personal financial stress, and have been shown to be more than 25% less likely than non-users to leave a company voluntarily, on average.

Over and above the cost of worker attrition, however, financial stress creates distractions among workers that lowers productivity. Even healthcare costs are higher among workers who are more financially stressed.

PayActiv has quantified these costs to businesses and provided a way for you to calculate the savings that can be achieved from improved productivity, healthcare, and employee retention.

Measures of PayActiv Effectiveness

Tens of thousands of headaches solved in more than half the states of the country.

  • Adoption – Most eligible employees enroll once they learn about the program (up to 80%)
  • eNPS – 8 out of 10 employees using PayActiv say they would recommend their place of work to others (phenomenally high eNPS)
  • Retention – More than 25% lower turnover amongst PayActiv users


PayActiv solution works for organizations large and small across all industries. Rules are customizable for your business. Rollout is easy and painless, no operational change is required. PayActiv works with all HR/HCM/payroll systems, and we support you at every step.

  • Fully configurable
  • Meets the highest security and compliance standards
  • Support multiple locations
  • Add-on features available for employee motivation and communication
  • Accessible anytime anywhere from a phone app or web interface
  • Multiple language support available

Plug and Play Modules

PayActiv platform is extensible beyond financial wellness services.

  • Employee Awards System – Motivate and reward performance with award points.
  • Employee Communication System – Send direct and targeted communication to employees, including training and videos.
  • Match Savings Plan – Encourage employees to save by providing percent matching contributions.

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It's more than a paycheck.
It's peace of mind!

It's more than a paycheck. It's peace of mind!

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