The PayActiv Platform

Holistic, effective,

Our social responsibility DNA and decades of experience in payments technologies helped us reimagine financial services to meet the needs of employees today. PayActiv is designed to help your employees reach financial resilience and wellness.

PayActiv Platform


Employees get timely access to earned wages plus tools to plan and save at every level.

  • Access earned wages
  • Pay bills online
  • Get Rx discounts
  • Get financial counseling
  • Allocate and save


Timely access to earned wages enables employees to be self-reliant and it prevents fee and debt traps.

  • No more payday loans
  • No more late fees or bank overdrafts
  • No additional debt
  • No more financial stress


All employees are eligible and services are always accessible via a mobile phone or a web browser.

  • Connect from anywhere
  • One seamless platform
  • Bank account NOT necessary

Financial Wellness Services

Cash Access

Cash Access

Whenever a financial emergency comes up, employees can access their earned-but-unpaid wages instantly with PayActiv.


Bill Pay

Employees can easily pay their bills through the platform with automatic bill pay, helping further avoid overdraft and late fees.


Bank Transfer

Employees can transfer their accessed wages directly to their bank or send it to another bank account.


Card Load

Whether it’s a prepaid, debit, or PayActiv card, employees can deposit their funds wherever they’d like with our card load service.

Savings Budgeting

Savings Tool

Employees can take their financial health to the next level with our revolutionary savings tool. Saving for a rainy day just got easier.


Rx Discounts

Employees can receive discounts on various prescriptions, making health scares or regular medication intake more manageable.

Financial counseling

Financial Counseling

Employees need financial guidance? They can sign up through the app to get connected with a financial counseling professional.

Bank Account NOT Necessary

PayActiv does not require employees to have a bank account. They can access all services directly.


Connect with Employees

Use PayActiv notifications to keep employees informed of training materials or other updates.

  • Employees get notifications of new messages
  • Managers update content from a dashboard
  • Easy-to-use
  • Free


Cash Rewards Program

Use PayActiv awards program to give rewards for contributions that matter the most to your business – performance, attendance, safety, sales, customer satisfaction, or others.

Employees get instant gratification from receiving cash rewards.

No more hassle of buying giftcards or wasting the lost and unused ones!

  • Cost-effective
  • Easy-to-use from the PayActiv phone app
  • Friendly administrative dashboard
  • Built-in email communication
  • Rewards history for easy management


Pulse Surveys

Use PayActiv surveys feature to gain your team’s unfiltered insights. Remove the guessing game with PayActiv.

  • 100% response rates
  • Direct and unfiltered data
  • Improve employee engagement
  • Promote positive company culture
  • Secure, anonymous
  • Detailed report
  • Free


Designed for Businesses of Any Size

PayActiv works for organizations across all industries. Rules are customizable for your business. Rollout is easy and painless, no operational change is required. PayActiv works with all HR/HCM/payroll systems.

  • Fully configurable
  • Meets the highest security and compliance standards
  • Supports multiple locations
  • Accessible anytime anywhere from a phone app or web interface
  • Multiple language support available
  • Add-on features available for employee motivation and communication
  • No integrations needed, leverages on existing systems. Can be rolled out within 24 hours.

Standalone, Embed, or Integrate with Your Application








Turnkey Solution

  • Frictionless

    • Offered as a voluntary benefit by businesses to their employees.
    • Only time and attendance data is needed. PayActiv works with all payroll and time-attendance systems.
    • PayActiv fronts the money for earned wage access. No change to your cash-flow.
    • Customizable rules. We adapt to you.
  • All Employees Are Eligible

    • Employees enroll using their own unique ID. No personally identifiable information (PII) data is required.
    • All employees are eligible from day one of employment.
    • Employees can get up to 50% of their earned wages instantly.
    • All other financial wellness services are at no cost even if they don't use earned wage access.
  • Clear And Simple

    • The money taken using PayActiv is deducted from upcoming paychecks when payroll is processed.
    • Employees receive their net paycheck from their employer, like before.
    • No change to user's banking services. PayActiv is completely non-invasive.

Why offer PayActiv to your employees?

How does it work?


Many employers subsidize employee costs because of the measurable savings to their business.


There is no setup or recurring cost to the employer.


Employees can access their earned wages for a flat fee ($0-$5). All other services are at no cost.

Best Practice

Our partners choose to pay all or part of the earned wage access fees as an added benefit for their employees.

User Stories


"It was an easy and fast enrollment. No credit check or personal information was needed. Honestly, I want others to know about what a great program this is. You never have to pay late fees for bills or borrow from anyone. I love PayActiv."


Works in retail, mother of a 4-year-old

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"Once our bills were paid, not enough money was left to refill the prescription. I used PayActiv to get my wife her medicine on time. She depends on me. PayActiv is very good for people."


Works in security, 65 years old and a grandfather

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"I’m always short on my rent and before I had PayActiv I would always start stressing when the due date was near. I would lose sleep over how and who I was going to borrow the money from. Now I use PayActiv to complete my rent money."


Technician, has 3 children

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"I found an apartment and met the deadline to bring money by Friday. I used PayActiv to pay the deposit for rent to hold the apartment. It also helps me pay the $250 out of every one of my paychecks for childcare."


Works in retail, mother of a new-born

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"I found an apartment and met the deadline to bring money by Friday. I used PayActiv to pay the deposit for rent to hold the apartment. It also helps me pay the $250 out of every one of my paychecks for childcare."


Has 2 jobs, his wife works too

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It's more than a paycheck.
It's peace of mind.

It's more than a paycheck. It's peace of mind.

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