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Get Access*

Access what you need, when you want, with the money you've already earned.

* Your employer needs to offer the PayActiv Benefit

Benefits of Access

Get up to $500 of your earned wages, $5 for bi-weekly use. Pay only if used. No interest charged.



Transfer to any bank, debit or prepaid card.



Never be late. Pay bills directly from the app. 



Talk 1-1 to a trained financial coach.



A new way to save, an hour at a time.


Uber service

Get a ride, pay with your next paycheck.


Amazon with PayActiv Membership

Transfer to Amazon cash and use directly.


Earned Wage Access Cash

Cash pick up from a Walmart Money Center.


Prescription discounts

Get discounts at pharmacies near you.

PayActiv Prepaid Card

Access in Real-time


  • Continuous access to pay
  • Use everywhere Visa is accepted
  • Manage from the mobile app

Apply for the card from the app.

The PayActiv Visa® prepaid card is issued by Central Bank of Kansas City, member FDIC

How it Works

Over 1 Million Users

“I have paid a lot of money in fees. NO MORE!”

“I used PayActiv to pay the deposit for rent to hold the apartment.”

“Once bills are paid, not enough money was left to refill prescriptions. Now I can get my wife her medicine on time.”

“I’ve paid off two separate payday loans now. Thank God it’s over—PayActiv helped me get through all that.”

“I was stranded at work and needed a cab. I had no money but thanks to PayActiv I was able to withdraw cash.”


Is this a loan?

It's not a loan, no interest is charged. You have access to the wages you have earned,  but not yet been paid.

Do I need the PayActiv card?

The prepaid card is optional. There's no additional cost for getting the card or using it at stores, online merchants, or the 65,000 in-network ATMs.

Does it affect my credit scrore?

No, using PayActiv has no affect on your credit score.

How do I pay back the money?

Accessed amount is deducted from your next paycheck on payday. 

Does my employer offer PayActiv?

Best way to find out is to ask at your work or use the chat link below to talk to our support.

Hello Access

You know, that grin-till-your-face-hurts feeling, when impromptu dance moves happen because you are in control. That's the feeling of access.

Access is more than a paycheck.
It's peace of mind.

Access is more than a paycheck. It's peace of mind.

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