Pay all your bills on time, every time

If you pay for rent, car insurance, cell phones, or credit cards– you can pay it on time in the Payactiv app. Avoid late fees, build your credit, and stop stress-checking the calendar.

Payactiv bill pay makes the Payactiv app your one-stop shop for all things personal finance.

Pro Tip

Adding your bills to Bill Pay helps the Payactiv app paint a clearer picture of your finances. With all that info, SmartSave can make better suggestions about what’s safe to put away on payday.

How to set up Bill Pay

  1. Load money to your Payactiv Visa® Card* We recommend setting up Direct Deposit before Bill Pay so that your money is in one place, all viewable in the Payactiv app. If you don’t set up Direct Deposit, you’ll have to manually transfer funds from another account to cover your bills.
  2. Add a biller and pick a payment date From the Bill Pay screen, tap “add a biller”. Next, select a date you want your payment to go through. We recommend 3 days before the due date, just in case!
  3. Sit back and relax! Watch your bills go through on-time, every time.

See it in action

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