Goal Based Saving Tools

Prep for your next big purchase, automatically

Want to set money aside for an emergency fund? A vacation? A new phone? With Goal Based Savings Tools, the power is in your hands. Create a custom goal, set a date you want to achieve it by, and move money automatically to a set aside purse* on the Payactiv Visa® Card1. You can pause, edit, cancel, or transfer your goal funds to your Payactiv Visa® Card, bank account or debit card (whichever applies here) at any time.

No games, just goals

When you set up Direct Deposit or link an existing bank account, SmartSave tells you how much is safe to set aside on payday. That means you can achieve your goals quicker, without playing guessing games.

How it works

  1. Download the Payactiv app2 and create an account
  2. Apply for a Payactiv Visa Card1
  3. Activate your card
  4. Load money on the card regularly (Pro tip: Sign up for direct deposit to load funds automatically)
  5. Set your savings goal