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The PayActiv Impact on Employees

By Insights Team on December 18, 2017

Attract new hires with financial wellness

The plight of low- to moderate-income workers feels something akin to drowning—drowning under the debt and fee traps, payday loan payments, and the slew of other predatory financial services. True health, job satisfaction, and integrity are nonexistent living with financial stress.

Through a holistic financial wellness platform specially designed for those who are pushed to the margins, PayActiv prevents and relieves employee financial stress at the root cause—their unmet financial needs between paychecks. The security of knowing they can access money if the need arises changes how a person lives their life. They're able to breathe, manage their finances, and focus on life and work—an effective change leading to long-term financial health.

Improved Mental and Physical Health

We’ve mentioned the adverse effects financial stress has on mental and physical health before—digestive tract issues, increased rate of heart attacks, makes those who suffer prone to depression, PTSD-like symptoms for 1 in 4 Americans, and so on. PayActiv eradicates the root cause of these stress-induced physical and mental illnesses. Through PayActiv’s real-time access to earned wages, employee stress levels are drastically reduced from the onset of their newfound financial empowerment. In turn, this financial backup promotes employee wellness.

Higher Job Satisfaction

When imminent financial stress, anxiety, and worry is removed, employees can succeed in the workplace and find meaning in their day-to-day lives. Companies who provide financial wellness benefits also showcase their commitment to employee well-being, thereby increasing trust between employer and employee. PayActiv’s platform acts as the catalyst to accomplish this with ease. The financial obstacles that were once blocking employees from realizing their full potential are eliminated, creating a space where they can focus on their passions and careers.

Empowered With Security, Dignity, and Savings

The holistic nature of the PayActiv platform acts not only as a solution to employees’ in the moment small-dollar needs, but our program is also a preventative measure so they can avoid financial stress in the future. Employees are then able to better manage their finances and handle emergencies with profound financial independence. Whether employees need to set up automatic bill pay to avoid late fees, utilize our earned wage access tool whenever they need it, or simply begin saving for their financial goals, they’re able to accomplish it all with PayActiv.

The PayActiv vision is to bring financial security, dignity, and savings to the millions living in financial stress. We equip employees with the right tools and offer a proven vehicle to cultivate financial health, creating empowered, financially well human beings who advance and thrive.

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It's more than a paycheck.
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It's more than a paycheck. It's peace of mind.

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