Happy Labor Day 2017

By Insights Team on September 4, 2017

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From the first Labor Day in New York City on Tuesday, September 5, 1882 where 10,000 marched, we’ve continued to honor the hard-working people of America—and around the world—by observing and celebrating those of whom have made modern civilization possible.

So, in honor of Labor Day, and of America’s working people, let’s celebrate! From the waiters and waitresses, to the bus drivers, the nurses, production line workers, and beyond, there’s no way America could operate successfully without your commendable tenacity.

Because of you—the hard-working people—society runs smoothly, and without much necessary collective thought. Families can go into the local grocery store and receive help from their grocery store clerk to find food for Sunday night dinner. In our stores and online 24x7, we are met with retail sales associates and call center staff who are there to answer our questions and handle concerns. From the managers who run business administration, to the construction workers and electricians who make certain our buildings have reliable foundations and electricity that will hold out during natural disasters—we wholeheartedly thank you.

We thank you for greasing the machines, manning the stations, and helping the wheels turn smoothly on what is the inner workings of modern-day America. We celebrate the workers who worked 12-hour days in the early 1800s, and we also celebrate those who stood to protect the interests of the working people.

And once again we reiterate PayActiv’s commitment to reduce the systemic burden placed on low-income workers. By providing a fair, safe financial wellness solution, we empower these individuals with the ability to reduce their debt, avoid penalties, and realize their dreams.

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It's more than a paycheck. It's peace of mind.

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