How Payactiv Impacts Financial Wellbeing of Working Americans

Every year, to measure impact, we ask our users what Payactiv means to them

As a Financial Health Network leader, Payactiv regularly measures our impact using survey-based data, and industry toolkits such as the “Financial Health Score Toolkit.”


tell us they can't live without it


say thank you for being there for me


tell us they can't live without it


say thank you for being there for me

Last year, when COVID arrived, the pains America felt were like chest pains, demanding everyone’s attention. 

By March 17th, nearly 1/3 of ours saw their hours reduced

4 in 5 worried about loss in income
2 in 3 expected to go to payday lenders
82% were more worried about financial issues than their health
58% saw their expenses increase during this time
6 in 10 had no paid leave
100% exhausted their savings

were on the line

Business owners’ livelihoods
were also on the line

We knew that workers and businesses would be relying on us to keep the financial lifeline going for their families.

Together with our partners, we reached even more workers.


We offered small business assistance through our partnership with Paychex. Read full story...

Through our partnership with OnShift, we introduced a financial relief program to assist over 175,000 post-acute care and senior living employees and their families.


We partnered with Visa Direct to get funds to workers when they need them most, through an ATM system that’s widely available, accessible, and reliable.


We partnered with Murphy USA Gas to provide discounts for Payactiv card users at over 1,400 locations across the nation.

We moved money where it was needed most.

When the streets of New York City were empty and thousands of taxi cab drivers had no way to generate income, New York got creative and asked their out-of-work taxi drivers to deliver food and medicine to people across the city. Thousands of NYC cab drivers returned to work in this new capacity. Payactiv worked with multiple NYC agencies and innovated a solution to deposit earnings of these drivers every Wednesday in their bank accounts. The heartbeat of the city slowly but steadily returned.

What we learned by serving millions in 2020

Payactiv has ...

saved $400 million in penalties and fees

for 2 million hourly workers

and saved $1 billion in turnover costs
for 1,500 companies

But what matters to us is ...

1 more person no longer worried sick about bills
1 more family can afford both diapers and groceries
1 more business that stands out by committing to employee wellness
and the 80 million more people who need the service their employers can provide with Payactiv

Payactiv makes the economy
work for everyone

Every dollar workers don’t use for fees and penalties is one they can spend building
the life they want for themselves and their families. Which benefits us all.


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