How PayActiv Helps Your HR Department

By Insights Team on September 12, 2017

Are you worried about your employees’ growing financial stress? Most companies are, considering 100+ hours a year are lost in productivity for employees in financial stress.

Have you found employee financial benefits programs—or maybe even offered them to your employees—but they didn’t quite fit the bill, and were much more complicated than anticipated?

Here at PayActiv, we know that your HR department craves simplicity, and that you’re looking for a cost-effective, easily implemented financial wellness program to boost morale and increase employee productivity. We also know the overwhelming despair your employees face when they think of their financial instability, and the effect it has on them emotionally and physically.

How We Implement PayActiv For Your Employees

Are you sick of handling the heavy work during implementation? (Orientation processes, educating employees on new benefits, administrative tasks, etc.) Our setup takes less than a day to complete, and we provide all marketing roll-out material to provide the easiest integration possible and create awareness effectively.

When your company announces the new financial wellness benefit, we’re able to make on-site visits and conduct 10-minute sessions to review, teach, and help staff enroll in their new holistic financial wellness solution. Instead of only sending your company brochures and being available for calls, we utilize a much more proactive approach.

We also connect with your IT and payroll teams to ensure alignment, further reducing work for your company on the administrative side, and offering our holistic financial wellness solution comes at zero setup or recurring cost to your company.

How We Help Maintain Employee Financial Health

We believe in supporting your employees—and your company—every step of the way.

First and foremost, when employees are able to rely on their own earned wages to handle their expenses, it eliminates payroll advance requests, and payday loans.

Furthermore, PayActiv’s goal for employee financial health is to help them manage their budget most optimally and we have several controls in the platform to make sure employees avoid taking more funds than is required.

PayActiv help desk—available to employees 6am-7pm (PT) 7 days/week—has professionals trained in speaking to individuals who are financially stressed. We also have the help desk chat feature which is available to employees 24/7 via our PayActiv mobile app. Instead of problems being directed to your HR department to resolve, we handle them all for you, saving your company time, increasing productivity, and improving employee financial health.

What This Means For Your Company

Employees will no longer spend up to 20 hours each month at work worrying about finances. They’ll no longer be distracted from work obligations due to financial stress. Their physical and mental health will cease to decline from the consequences financial stress has on their bodies. No longer will your employees, and company, collectively suffer from severe financial stress.

With the PayActiv holistic financial wellness solution, you finally give the financial empowerment your employees have been waiting to have for years (and oftentimes, even their entire lives). In turn, you create a workplace culture that breeds engaged, productive, financially well employees who are even more loyal and happy to work for your company than they were before.

Interested? Request a demo to see how PayActiv caters to your HR department with simplicity, and effectively improves employee financial health and productivity today.

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It's more than a paycheck.
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It's more than a paycheck. It's peace of mind.

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