How to Save Money While Working


Saving is difficult for everyone, and even more so for those who barely make enough to meet their expenses. Yet having a savings for emergencies could not be more important if you are living on a tight budget because even a small unexpected expense could move you into debt which adds interest payments to the monthly expenses.

The first thing PayActiv did was to provide a debt-free alternative to people in need of small dollar loans. You can read about this in our post, alternative to payday loans, a self-reliant choice. Next we made it our mission to give every working person the tools to start saving for their future.

PayActiv has revolutionized how to save money

how to save money while workingPayActiv has revolutionized savings in two fundamental ways. First we have introduced the concept of “save in units of time”. Most people earn wages on an hourly rate, they think in hours, for instance a person making hourly wages knows that if they miss half a day of work then they will receive only half the pay for that day. PayActiv takes this concept and uses it for setting up savings, in the savings feature you can see exactly how much you have earned and with one click you can select to save say 15 minutes every day. That’s it. You have started saving now, every day 15 minutes of your salary will be added into your savings. You can track it anytime from the PayActiv mobile app on your phone or by login on the website.


how to save money - in units of timeSecond, PayActiv has innovated the “save before you spend” idea by starting the savings at the source. When you select to save 15 minutes every day, PayActiv sets it up as an allocation from your paycheck, so that it goes directly into savings even before you receive your paycheck. There is never any risk of not having enough for saving at the end of the month.


Budget by Allocating

One of the challenges of people living paycheck to paycheck is to set aside money for their monthly essential expenses – rent, utilities, childcare and so on. They live under stress of being late or not having enough because either of those would mean additional penalty fees. You can, once again, use the PayActiv savings app to setup allocations for these ticket items and watch them grow through out the month. Instead of stressing about having spent your rent on another expense you are now in control of your expense before they are even due.


Start saving while working

Allocate minutes and hours to save every day or every pay period and PayActiv starts allocating funds towards that goal. Users set their own categories, goals, and bank accounts where the funds should be transferred.

15 minutes per day $20 80 $400
30 minutes per day $20 40 $400
60 minutes per day $20 20 $400


Saving for the future can be as simple as allocating 15 minutes of daily earnings towards your goal.

  • Award winning, simple to use
  • Edit settings, transfer to bank accounts
  • Check savings anytime from the mobile app
  • Start saving now

How to get the PayActiv Savings App

PayActiv is offered as a voluntary benefit by employers, which means employees can enroll and use our services once it is offered as a benefit by your employer.

If you are an employer and interested in offering this very useful benefit to your employees, we can set it up as fast as 24 hours because it does not require any changes to your HR, payroll or IT systems. Contact us to get started or get more information.

If you are an employee and find this savings app something that would benefit you then tell your employers about it.


Access is more than a paycheck.
It's peace of mind.

Access is more than a paycheck. It's peace of mind.

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