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Get paid as you earn

With Earned Wage Access (EWA) you can get a portion of the money you’ve already earned before payday and avoid high interest loans, overdrafts and late fees. Access your earned wages through the Payactiv app1 and transfer them to your existing bank account, debit card, or the Payactiv Visa® Card*. You can even use your earned wages to pay bills, call an Uber, shop on Amazon or pick up cash at Walmart right from the app1.

Payactiv app

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Financial Wellness at your fingertips

Access earned wages

Get up to 50% of your earned wages before payday and choose how to use them. You can transfer earned wages to your bank or card, load to AmazonCash, pickup cash at Walmart, pay for an Uber, or pay a bill, right from the app1.

Spend smarter

When you link your bank or cards, Payactiv SmartSpend can help you build good spending habits and suggest what is safe to spend.

Save as you go

Set money aside each paycheck, get financial advice, and get discounts on things like gas and prescriptions to help you reach your savings goals.

Meet your new card

Meet Your New Payactiv Card

Use Earned Wage Access with the Payactiv Visa Card*

Access up to 50% of your earned wages at no cost when you set up direct deposit ($200 minimum per pay period) to the Payactiv Visa Card*.
And even if you choose not to set up direct deposit, you just pay $1.99 to access your earned wages.

How it works

Payactiv how it works step1

Access your earned wages

Your worked hours turn into accessible wages in the Payactiv app1

Payactiv how it works step2

Tackle daily expenses

Use wages to pay for an upcoming bill, an Uber, discounted gas, and more

Payactiv how it works step3

Automatically settle funds

On payday, the wages you accessed show as deductions on your paycheck

Join Payactiv!

  • No cost to sign-up
  • No maintenance fees*
  • Cancel anytime
  • No credit check (this is not a credit card)
Payactiv App Card Make livelihood yours

Have questions? We have answers.

All you need is your name, phone number, employer, and employee ID. That’s it! You can find your employee ID on your pay stub or ask your manager

Creating a Payactiv account is free for all users and contains many free features including bill pay, discounts, financial counseling, and budgeting and savings tools. If your employer offers EWA, you can view disbursement options and fees at Payactiv Visa Card users with direct deposit (minimum required) enjoy free real-time EWA transfers and additional exclusive discounts.

No. You can transfer the earned wages to any bank or card.

The benefit of using the Payactiv Visa Card* is that your earned wages transfer in real-time to the card. And with direct deposit of your paycheck set up on the card (minimum required),  there’s no processing fee for those transfers. 

The Payactiv Visa Card* has no monthly fees*, no inactivity fees* and no hidden fees*.

You can transfer to the Payactiv Card or your personal card in real-time for free for less than $3. ACH  bank transfers are completed in 1-3 business days.

There is no catch! It’s just your money in your hands. It’s not a loan and has no hidden fees. Ever.