As a Certified B Corp and Public Benefit Corporation, we are dedicated to giving you transparent and fair pricing.

EWA Disbursement Type Fee
  • ACH bank transfer (1-3 business days)
  • Uber Rides / Amazon Load / Bill pay
  • Financial counseling, saving tools, discounts
No Fee
Real-time transfers to a Payactiv Visa® Card*
  • With direct deposit
  • Without direct deposit
No Fee
  • Real-time transfers to Non-Payactiv debit or payroll cards
  • Walmart Cash Pickup

Have questions? We have answers.

Our mission has always been about giving America’s workers the access they deserve, so we changed our pricing to be simpler and make more fee-free options available for you to access your wages. It’s one of the many ways we’re transforming the new age of pay and putting control back into the hands of those who workhard for their money.

You still get all the same flexibility as before, but instead of charging a program fee and premium fees, we’ve eliminated the $1 program fee and are now only charging a single fee per transaction.

You can still transfer your wages for free to the Payactiv Visa Card with active direct deposit. But now, you can also access your wages via bank transfer or apply them toward an Uber, AmazonCash, or bill pay at not cost!

Please note that with these changes, we are no longer supporting same day ACH transfers.

Yes you can! You can make as many transactions as you would like as long as you have an accessible balance available.

Since we are retiring program fees, that also means that the $5 fee cap per bi-weekly pay period (or $3 weekly) are also retired. With the new pricing, any applicable fees will be charged per transaction.