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Employee Financial Wellness Made Easy

Businesses across all industries use PayActiv's Holistic Financial Wellness Platform to provide the best financial wellness services to their employees and save an average of $50,000 per 100 enrolled employees, per year.

Aging Care

how to retain employeesPayActiv helps healthcare professionals provide the impeccable care patients deserve. It’s a beautiful thing: When healthcare organizations take care of their employees, employees are then able to care for patients—ones like you or like your family members—with utmost focus.

In fact, internal surveys even show that 92% of employees at PayActiv customer Baton Rouge General Hospital in Louisiana report that they’re happy they’re offered this benefit.

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“By improving financial wellness, PayActiv helps us optimize productivity.”

Kendall Johnson, CFO, BRG Medical Center

Aging Care

PayActiv customers in the aging care industry report high satisfaction from their employees (PayActiv's average eNPS of 73+) and of their results with the platform overall. Aging care employees, when relieved of horrific financial stress and mental distractions, can efficiently care for and assist clients in all of their daily tasks.

From preparing meals, to emotional support, to dressing and washing, employees can provide a better quality of life for clients when financially well.

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“I am proud to offer PayActiv to my staff. We receive nothing but positive feedback.”

Mike Martin, CEO Visiting Angels


The challenges brick-and-mortar retail stores face—high turnover, repetitive day-to-day functions, ever-changing consumer shopping habits—are all overcomable with employee financial wellness.

Our customers in the retail industry find that, when their employees have a tool such as the PayActiv platform to create financial health, they’re better able to engage with customers in a positive light, boost productivity, and optimize retail profitability.

Case study on boosting productivity in the retail industry with financial health. »

“PayActiv is a benefit as well as a resource our employees can utilize when they need a bit of extra help to get by until payday. From a business standpoint, we’re also saving upper management’s time in regard to not having to be “hands-on” with each transaction for the employees.”

Victoria Mennillo, MHRM, PHR, Wireless Retail


Our customers in the restaurant industry find using the PayActiv platform to increase retention and engagement works wonders on their organizations, and on their employees’ lives.

Restaurant employees—from dishwashers to management—are alleviated of worrying about how they can access funds to repair their car or pay rent on time. With PayActiv, high-quality customer service, delicious food production, and administrative flow can flourish.

Interview of HR leader, Sarah Stephenson, of CraftWorks Restaurants & Breweries. »

Case study on how to offset high turnover in the restaurant industry. »


“I feel that I have a competitive advantage because I offer PayActiv.”

Henry Loving, Owner and CEO, Lee's Famous Recipe Chicken


Manufacturing businesses and their employees not only see increased engagement, productivity, and retention with employee financial wellness, but the risk for on-the-job injuries is greatly reduced from reduced stress and mental distractions.

Fortunately, PayActiv introduces this invaluable asset to all our manufacturing business customers—with real-time access to earned income, employees in the manufacturing industry can work efficiently and safely.

CEO of Jersey Precast speaking to Human Resource Executive, "They did their part -- they had done the work. We felt wherever possible, we should do our part."  »

"We decided to use PayActiv as an alternative to giving employees in need of emergency funds a loan from company funds. We also wanted to add PayActiv to our benefits package to help attract and retain employees and your program fit the bill."

Manufacturing plant executive at Emco Industries


When purpose-driven nonprofit employees are financially well, the backbone of each and every nonprofit organization is strengthened. PayActiv’s customers in the nonprofit industry help employees so they can bring the true, foundational mission to fruition.

From public charities to foundations to others, employee financial wellness helps nonprofits and their employees thrive.

"PayActiv has been a fabulous addition to our benefits package for our teachers and staff. They've been very grateful for and enthusiastic about the opportunity and resource to access their earned pay to address short term, unanticipated financial situations.  Implementation and ongoing support have been incredibly simple and required virtually no administrative effort on our part.  Given the low cost and highly positive impact of the PayActiv service, I believe that every company would be wise to adopt it for their staff and absolutely, highly recommend PayActiv."

-Paul Zengilowski, Executive at Heartworks and Renaissance Schools, Inc.

Business Advantage With PayActiv

We pay employees in security, dignity, and savings. They pay you back in optimized profitability.

employee retention and engagement


    Offering a benefit to boost employee financial health helps retain and attract high-performing talent. In fact, retention among PayActiv users is 30% higher and 8 out of 10 employees say they would recommend their workplace to others.


    50% of financially stressed employees spend three hours or more at work each week thinking about or dealing with personal financial issues. Removing the root cause of their financial stress, frees employees to focus and soar at work.

    It’s estimated that more than 80% of doctor visits are due to stress related health problems. And 64% of stress is money related. Improving the financial health of your employees reduces absenteeism, stress-related injuries, and healthcare costs. 

We Make Rollout Painless


Setup takes less than a day because the only thing needed is read-only access to time-and-attendance files.


We work with you and provide marketing roll-out materials to create awareness and educate the staff about the new benefit.


Employees easily sign up via the PayActiv app or website, or through an SMS interaction. All financial services are then instantly available.


Employees can access their earned wages for a flat transaction fee. Multiple other services are available at no additional cost.

It's more than a paycheck.
It's peace of mind.

It's more than a paycheck. It's peace of mind.

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