Visa Partners with PayActiv, to Help Workers Get Fast Access to Funds

Visa Partners with PayActiv for workers to get fast access to funds

What if hourly workers could access their already-earned wages in between the regular pay cycle? This is known as Earned Wage Access (EWA). Visa works with Earned Wage Access technology providers like PayActiv, other merchants, and payroll companies to integrate this solution. Employees can download an app to access and transfer earned wages instantly to their bank account using Visa Direct, Visa’s real-time[1] push payments platform.

According to PayActiv data, because of the COVID-19 crisis, 82% of hourly workers are now saying that loss of income is their greatest concern.

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Access is more than a paycheck.
It's peace of mind.

Access is more than a paycheck. It's peace of mind.

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