Financial Freedom and the Responsibility of Being a Leader

Financial Freedom and the Responsibility of Being a Leader

Thoughts from Supervisors on Financial Freedom and the Responsibility of Being a Leader

The Results Company provides premier contact center customer service and sales solutions. As a company that offers its employees PayActiv, Results’ supervisors agreed to sit down with PayActiv representatives and share their thoughts about how PayActiv has impacted not only their personal lives but also the lives of their employees and the company’s work performance.

Daniel sat down in front of the camera, squeezing a blue stress-relief ball in his hands as the camera began rolling. His eyes were bright and intense with focus.

“How long have you been with Results?” the interviewer asked.

“About five months,” Daniel said. “But I have fourteen years’ experience in a leadership role in the military.”

“Do you feel you’re a good supervisor?”

“I’ve led people into combat and brought them back alive. I like to think I’m a pretty good supervisor.”

“Thank you for your service,” the interviewer said. “And I’m sure you’re a great motivator. In the context of Results, how important would you say compensation is to keeping your team engaged?”

“Very important,” Daniel said. “It’s what keeps employees coming to work, helps them be productive, helps them stay long term. At Results, employees work for their wages, but their wages also work for them.”

“How so?”

Daniel squeezed the stress-relief ball in his hands and looked up to the ceiling. “Before PayActiv, when I was living paycheck to paycheck, I learned what it was like to feel financially insecure,” he said. “I’d let the internet get cut off. I’d go five or six days without it until I could access my paycheck and turn it back on.”

“How did that make you feel?”

“Not good,” Daniel admitted. “And I could see that same kind of stress in my team. They would come and talk to me about their struggles between pay periods. That’s why I was so glad Results was using PayActiv.”

Daniel wanted to know what the PayActiv benefit would be like before recommending it to his employees, so he tried it out first. “It provided peace of mind,” he said. “It meant I could pay $10 for a month’s worth of access to my earned wages instead of taking out a $350 loan and paying 750 percent interest on it.”

“Do you see a noticeable difference in your employees since using PayActiv?” the interviewer asked.

“I’m getting consistent positive feedback,” Daniel said. “Also, my team members are a lot calmer now. Especially about getting to work, which can be a problem for those who rely on friends or family for rides. Now when I ask my team how they’re going to get to work on time, they say, ‘Oh, don’t worry. I’ll just get an Uber through PayActiv.’”

Now, Daniel made sure to tell his new recruits about PayActiv right off the bat. “I put the PayActiv brochure right in the welcome packet,” he joked. “It’s like, here’s your uniform, here’s what you need to know about PayActiv.”


Though small in stature, Aisha commanded the room as soon as she entered it and sat down in front of the camera. A grad school supervisor at Results, Aisha led new recruits through training.

Prior to today’s interview, Aisha wished she’d had PayActiv during times in her life when she was having a hard time financially. “Can you tell me a bit more about your own financial struggles and how you think PayActiv might have helped?” the interviewer asked.

“I’ve had to take care of my finances since I was about eighteen,” Aisha said. “And it has always been difficult for me. Bills, medications, caring for my child on my own, dealing with an unreliable car and more unreliable public transport—it has always been a lot to manage.” Aisha also acknowledged she was not alone. “Almost everybody I know struggles financially when they are on their own.”

What made a difference for Aisha? Working at Results. For years, the company had offered PayActiv to all its employees, and Aisha had leveraged many of the benefits—access to Uber rides, financial planning tools, and discounts on medications. “With PayActiv, I have a bit of a cushion, which is great,” Aisha said. “But I can also plan for the future with a sense of control. Not fear, like I used to.” She went on. “We can all learn how to be more empathetic. I’ve walked in my employees’ shoes, and I let them know I understand what they’re facing and how Results is prepared to help. It’s a responsibility of the role that I stepped into.”


A holistic financial wellness benefit, PayActiv provides Earned Wage Access (EWA) to workers every month. PayActiv comes at no cost to employers and a minor cost to workers—just $5 per two-week pay cycle, and only during those cycles when they use it. Users can make unlimited draws on up to 50 percent of their earned wages and can access financial counseling and resources. PayActiv users can also user their earned wages to pay for Uber rides and purchases from Amazon. 

Beyond Results, companies from Walmart to Wendy’s have offered PayActiv to their employees—and the “results” are inspiring. Employees of companies that offer PayActiv not only end up saving an average of $150 per month they would have accrued in late fees, payday loans, and bank overdrafts, but they also end up staying with their employers longer. PayActiv clients report a 30 percent reduction in turnover among employees who use the benefit.

All this makes PayActiv a win-win-win for workers, supervisors, and company leaders alike.

PayActiv is a holistic financial wellness benefit that provides Earned Wage Access (EWA) to one million workers every month. The PayActiv membership model comes at no cost to employers and a minor cost to workers. With a membership structure of $5 per two-week pay cycle, $3 per one-week pay cycle, or $1 for a day pass (charged only when they use it), users can make unlimited draws on up to 50 percent of their earned wages; utilize the PayActiv bill pay service and automatic savings features; access financial counseling and resources; and order an Uber or purchase products through Amazon—all using their already earned yet unpaid wages. Over one thousand companies across twenty thousand locations currently offer their employees the PayActiv benefit, which moved more than $2.5 billion in 2019 and saved users an estimated $240 million in late fees and interest. There are no hidden fees or additional fine print. PayActiv strives to support workers’ financial security and to strengthen the partnership between employers and employees.

Holistic Financial Wellness

Learn how PayActiv measurably reduces employee financial stress and employee turnover.

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Access is more than a paycheck.
It's peace of mind.

Access is more than a paycheck. It's peace of mind.

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