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The BayPay Forum has grown to become the venue of choice for thousands of Payments, Fintech and Commerce Executives and Entrepreneurs to discuss the challenges and celebrations often on the path of innovation and disruption. On March 9th the thought leadership series featured Safwan Shah, Founder and CEO at PayActiv.

PayActiv, is an award winning, socially responsible, financial services network for employees to get real-time access to earned but unpaid wages with zero debt. No surprise, an important part of the discussion was for Safwan Shah to take a deep dive into the PayActiv versus a loan comparison. The trifecta explanation of the fact that every employee is qualified to enroll, the flat ATM like fee does not vary with the amount accessed and that the funds accessed are collected through the employer and not the employee puts it far apart from predatory lending such as payday loans, title loans to name a few. More importantly, PayActiv gives employees access to their wages already earned but yet not paid. PayActiv has simply built a guardrail for employees via which they have resolved the problem of between paychecks financing. By changing the velocity of money they have helped employees pay their bills on time and take care of emergency expenses without going into debt. PayActiv is not a credit product. PayActiv gives employees access to what is rightfully theirs, already earned but unpaid income.

The BayPay Forum also provided an audience for Safwan Shah to discuss his personal journey when he first landed in the U.S. a man with the desire to innovate and make a difference. Here you will learn more on how his personal experiences helped him build PayActiv as an idea whose time has come.

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Access is more than a paycheck.
It's peace of mind.

Access is more than a paycheck. It's peace of mind.

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