2019 PayActiv Impact Report

2019 Impact Report PayActiv Earned Wage Access

Six years ago, we set out on a mission to create a holistic financial wellness platform that enables employers to provide their workers with instant relief from their between-paychecks financial headaches. We’re elated to say, our technology empowers companies globally to help their employees be less stressed and lead more productive lives. We do that by unlocking unpaid wages as they are earned. No lending or borrowing is needed. We’ve even received a few awards along the way: Best Fintech Solution from Finovate and Best HR Product of from HR Executive.

Nearly two years ago, Walmart, the largest employer in the world, partnered with PayActiv to offer Earned Wage Access to their 1.4 Million associates.

In the last year, we have partnered with Visa, Uber, and Amazon to bring affordable services to the underbanked and the underserved.

Today, PayActiv is a Public Benefit Company, committed to creating public good through its services. We serve over 1 Million employees working for nearly 1,000 businesses at more than 20,000 locations.

Some results are quantifiable and can be shown in numbers. Others are best told through the stories of those we impact. What’s undeniable is that the PayActiv innovation earned wage access matters—now more than ever. We invite you to read about the impact PayActiv is making for workers and businesses alike, saving users $240M in Fin-Tax alone and reducing employee turnover by over 30%.

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Holistic Financial Wellness

Learn how PayActiv measurably reduces employee financial stress and employee turnover.

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Access is more than a paycheck.
It's peace of mind.

Access is more than a paycheck. It's peace of mind.

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