No Time to Lose

We’d like to ask you to do something.  It’ll take 30 seconds, and we’re asking for very specific reasons that have little to do with Payactiv, but a lot to do with your company.

Our hearts beat for those we serve, and we serve you.

Cut and paste the following, and send it to every employee:

Get your pay when you want it. On-demand. No more waiting for payday.

Download the Payactiv app now. Enroll for free.

Get up to 50% of your net earned wages, anytime, anywhere.

The cost is just $1 for each day of use, and you’ll never pay more than $5 per pay period.

Stop living a life of financial stress and start living the life you earn.

Why are we asking this? It isn’t just because Payactiv improves the lives of your workers, and as their lives improve, you’ll see higher productivity, engagement, and retention. Nor is it just because we want maximum adoption, although that’s always nice.

The reason is that things aren’t just going to remain status quo for them or for your company if they haven’t yet enrolled in Payactiv. Things will get worse.

Here’s why, and why we humbly suggest a re-doubling of adoption efforts.

As I wrote in a recent LinkedIn article, the pandemic has triggered a mass re-evaluation of life. Everyone in your company, and beyond, is looking at life through a new lens. They are considering making life changes. Those changes may very well include their place of employment. 

If they sense that another employer – as in, your competitor – will provide them with better treatment at the same pay rate, they will leave. The pandemic has proven that life is too short, and nothing prevents them from making changes.

You can’t remind employees enough that Payactiv is an essential tool that will enhance their lives. They have no time to lose.

Every day without access to earned wages means another day’s bills to pay, and more overdraft or late fees or payday loan charges.

They may know that you offer Payactiv, but in the stress of daily life and the pandemic turmoil, they have likely forgotten or have been too stressed out to take action. In normal times, people must see a message three times before they respond. In abnormal times like these, it takes as many as nine.

There’s another reason for another adoption push, and it won’t be apparent unless you’ve paid close attention to subtle societal signals. If you heard about the GameStop saga, recognize that the regular people behind this saga are telling the world that they don’t feel valued.

These people are hourly workers.  These are the people your business employs.  These are the people who were already struggling before the pandemic, and are struggling even more now, especially if they’ve been furloughed. They want to feel respected.  They want to feel valued.  They want to feel seen.

And while you have done a first-rate job in doing that, those efforts may not be penetrating because times are tough for them. You must repeat that message. 

We are humbled by your efforts to enroll your employees, and there’s more work to be done.

If they don’t see, hear, or register the message about the Payactiv benefit, they will say that it wasn’t communicated to them, whether or not it actually was. Don’t give them the opportunity to feel unappreciated, or the opportunity to leave.

You want to be able to position your company as not only offering the critical benefits that employees need in the best of times, but that you pro-actively serviced them with the most critical benefit during the most critical time.

Because there’s no time to lose. 

Holistic Financial Wellness

Learn how PayActiv measurably reduces employee financial stress and employee turnover.

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Access is more than a paycheck.
It's peace of mind.

Access is more than a paycheck. It's peace of mind.

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