29 words and 1 essential app

By Safwan Shah  |  April 27, 2021

Payactiv 2.0 announcement

You spoke, we listened. Thank you.

Our app is a response to the pressing needs of millions of Americans that represent these 29 words. It is their emotion that guided us every step of the way.

No, we don’t call it a Super App or a Swiss Army Knife. In our world, you, our users, are Super and also Essential. And we are an App, striving to meet your important needs. Helping you get ahead. If you choose to call us an Essential App or a Livelihood App, we will love that. It means we are doing our job. For you.

Built with heart, for you.

Meet our new app

You said – I want to live with pride, dignity and control.

To gain control, you will see your finances in one place. You won’t need a separate app for a debit card, another one for your bank account, yet another to start a savings plan, yet another to send money to friends, or split bills, and the list goes on.

Our holistic financial-wellness app includes all the powerful tools you need in one complete experience; it means you will never have to juggle multiple, single-purpose, costly financial apps.

One app, many applications, each powerful, and beautifully integrated.

I want to live with pride and dignity

You said – I want to be able to Live what I have earned, without judgement.

I want to be able to Live what I have earned

You will experience the convenience of a debit card that works for you. You can avoid penalties and overdraft fees. Manage and pay bills on time, link your bank account to get ahead on your spending with smart guidance.

When your employer offers Payactiv, you will be able to get paid on your own schedule with Earned Wage Access (which we invented).

If not, don’t despair, with direct deposit you can still get your paycheck up to 2 days early, even 4 days early in some cases. There is no fee to get the Payactiv card – in few clicks you can activate the virtual card and then push it to your Apple Wallet (also Google Wallet).

You said – I want to Grow and Earn more

You want to save but don’t know exactly how. Saving is hard, very hard. We simplified all that for you. You can round up your spending (coming next month), you can set up saving goals. We have savings’ purses that you can treat like secret boxes where your hard-earned money sits and accumulates; you also get smart tools that gently nudge you on how much to save and spend.

To earn more, we have added ability to pick or exchange work shifts.

So that you know exactly what you will get, here are all the powerful and simplifying features in one place. Make them yours.

You spoke, and we listened. And we will keep listening. We will keep awaking each day determined to build tools that make a meaningful difference in your life. It’s a journey we are on together.

Safwan Shah
Founder and CEO

One app, many applications, each powerful, and beautifully integrated.