The average hourly worker’s family loses $3,600+ a year in fees and interest just to get and use money they already earned. That’s about half the cost of rent.

When companies provide Payactiv, workers keep more of their wages and get free of the fee-debt cycle.

$43 billion

paid annually in subprime auto
and buy-here-pay-here fees

$27 billion

Subprime and title loan fees

$25 billion

Credit card and interest fees

$25 billion

Overdraft fees

$10 billion

Bank and money fees

$10 billion

Late fees and reconnect charges

$8 billion

Payday loan fees


Everyday PayActiv is here for me
but when my daughter Birthday came
and I was broke PayActiv
saved my baby's bday.
During hurricane Laura
being able to access extra money
after losing everything
was a lifesaver.
There are times payactiv is
the only reason I
could pay bills,
get gas and even eat.
PayActiv has fed my son
and our pets SEVERAL times
during these very trying
months of 2020!!!
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