Connect and engage with your teams

Designed for businesses of all sizes, Payactiv Connect provides a way for companies to easily communicate with their deskless employees. Instantly share important information, resources and real-time notifications. Plus, allow employees to schedule shifts and connect with coworkers.

80%1 of the global workforce is deskless, meet them where they are

Deskless workers report they need better technology to improve their performance and engagement at work.
0 %
said it would improve work communication1
0 %
said it would improve work training and onboarding1
0 %
said it would improve work productivity1
1 Emergence, “The State of Technology for the Deskless Workforce”, 2020

Communicate with your employees anywhere, anytime

Whether it’s announcing exciting new milestones and company programs or notifying your employees of changes due to the pandemic or a natural disaster, your workforce has a way to stay informed and react to change faster.

Send announcements or training and onboarding materials easily to employees at multiple locations.

Schedule shifts, even those hard-to-cover ones

Give more control and flexibility with work hours through access to shift scheduling. Employees can see scheduled and open shifts and request to cover them from their mobile phone.

Incentivize difficult to cover holiday, weekend, or late night shifts by giving your workers access to up to 65% of earned wages for the shift worked.

Engage your teams and reduce turnover

Employees can join existing Group Chats or create new ones to build a thriving community where everyone belongs and is a valued part of the team. Help your workers stay engaged and collaborate via Direct Chat.

When workers are engaged, companies see a reduction in absenteeism of 81% and a reduction in turnover between 18 and 43%2.

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Engaging the deskless workforce

Today’s deskless workforce is looking for employers who invest in their wellbeing by offering opportunities for growth and development through mobile technology and reward systems that help them stay connected and feel appreciated.

Get in touch with us to learn more about how to use the Payactiv platform to easily communicate with your deskless employees.