PayActiv Visa® Prepaid Card

Access to Better Banking

Get early access to your pay with direct deposit from your day job, side job, or next job. Your account goes with you wherever life takes you.

  • No minimum balance, no inactivity fees
  • FDIC insured
PayActiv Card
PayActiv Card

Say Farewell to Fees

  • No activation fee
  • No monthly or annual fees
  • No inactivity fees
  • No minimum balance required
  • Guardrails prevent overdrafts and associated fees
  • Surcharge-free cash withdrawal at MoneyPass ATMs
  • No-fee bank teller withdrawals at banks where Visa debit cards are accepted
  • Pay bills from the PayActiv App with no extra fees

Clarity and Control

Always know your balance and transaction history with the PayActiv mobile app. From the app, you can also pay bills, learn money-saving tips, and even get Rx discounts.


Purchasing Power

Use as you would any debit card and make online or store payments everywhere Visa and Mastercard debit cards are accepted. 


Safe and Secure

The PayActiv Visa Prepaid Card is FDIC insured and protected by Visa's Zero Liability protection. Get support 24/7/365 in English and Spanish.

Get paid up to 2 days earlier with direct deposit1

With direct deposit to your PayActiv Card, you can get paid sooner at no extra cost. Life's expenses don't wait for payday and neither should you.


Early Deposit




Regular Payday


Multiple Ways to Load Your Card

Direct Deposit

Cardholders receive their pay up to 2 days early.2 Check your balance in the app any time.

Earned Wage Access

Participating employers give employees access to on-demand pay to alleviate the financial stress they face living paycheck to paycheck.

Retail Cash Load

You can load cash on your PayActiv Prepaid Card at participating Green Dot retail locations for a fee.

Apply Today!

Request a card in minutes by answering just a few basic questions.


Is the PayActiv card a credit card?

No. The PayActiv card is not a credit card, because there is no underwriting involved when issuing the card and no credit or trade line is created when a card is issued.

What is the difference between the PayActiv Prepaid card and the PayActiv Payroll card?

The main difference is that the Payroll card is issued through employers to disburse employees' paychecks while the Prepaid card is available directly to consumers via our website. The functionality of the cards is essentially the same.

How long does it take to receive my card?

After you apply in the app or online, please allow 5 to 7 business days for the card to arrive in the mail at your place of residence.

How can I check my balance on the card?

You may check your card balance at any time by using the PayActiv mobile app, website (, or by calling our customer service at (877) 747-5862.

How much does it cost to get the PayActiv card?

Zero. PayActiv does not charge any enrollment or activation fees, so there is no cost to get the card.

Your pay anytime anywhere

What people are saying about PayActiv.

Your pay anytime anywhere

What people are saying about PayActiv.

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1 Many (but not all) employers, government benefits providers, and other originators send direct deposits early with an effective date of 1-4 days later. Beginning with your second direct deposit of at least $5 from the same source, Central Bank of Kansas City (CBKC) will post the funds to your (Program Name) prepaid card when we receive it, rather than on the effective date. This may result in your having access to the funds sooner. The date CBKC receives your direct deposit and the effective date are controlled by the originator.

The PayActiv Visa Prepaid Card is issued by Central Bank of Kansas City, Member FDIC, pursuant to a license from/by Visa U.S.A., Inc. Visa and the Visa Brand Mark are registered trademarks of Visa U.S.A. Incorporated. Certain fees, terms, and conditions are associated with the approval, maintenance, and use of the Card. You should consult your Cardholder Agreement and the fee schedule at If you have any questions regarding the Card or such fees, terms, and conditions, you can contact us toll-free at (877) 747-5862.

Access is more than a paycheck.
It's peace of mind.

Access is more than a paycheck. It's peace of mind.

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