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5 Tips for Financial Wellness Programs

5 Tips for Successful Financial Wellness Programs

Even after human resource managers invest heavily in planning and implementation, there is no guarantee that employee uptake and usage will be promising.

Visa and PayActiv Bring 24×7 Access to Earned Wages

Over 30 million U.S. households are either unbanked or underbanked (2017 FDIC report), they pay costly fees when cashing their paychecks, paying electronics bills or…

why employees use PayActiv earned wage access

Why Your Employees Use Earned Wage Access?

Understanding Employee Needs Not only 40% of Americans don’t have $500 in savings, they are also unbanked or underbanked. For an employer, it’s incredibly important to…

escaping paycheck to paycheck cycle

Escaping the Paycheck to Paycheck Cycle

When you have a bill due, where do you look to pay? If you don’t have savings, you might find yourself with a tough decision….

What the Government Shutdown Teaches Us About America’s Financially Stressed Workers

People living paycheck to paycheck pay a cost, a Fin-Tax, to access their own money when needed between paychecks. And an emotional cost from the…

Paying for Uber Just Got Easier for PayActiv Users

Uber Access Is Now Easier for PayActiv Users

PayActiv Integrates with Uber for Business  Read the press release PayActiv is proud to announce an innovative method to access Uber services. Rides are now…

Are your employees behind on their utility bills?

Are your employees struggling to pay utility bills?

PayActiv surveyed 5,000 workers making less than $25 per hour across 58 companies in retail, manufacturing, healthcare, senior care, and hospitality jobs. Over half the…

Financial Stress Turns Into Lost Productivity

There is no shortage of data showing that stress at home leads to stress at work and lost productivity. At least 90 million Americans have…

Walmart’s in Store Direct2Cash Service Gives PayActiv Users Instant Cash Access to Earned Wages

In December 2017 Walmart started offering Earned Wage Access (EWA) to their 1.4 million associates in America. Now a new partnership with Walmart brings another…

Access is more than a paycheck.
It's peace of mind.

Access is more than a paycheck. It's peace of mind.

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