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Interest Rates Explained

Earn Interest, Don’t Pay It

Most people associate interest with payments, and money going out. What is often forgotten is that when interest works for you, it makes your money grow.

How PayAtiv Earned Wage Access Helps Walmart Employees

How PayActiv Is Helping Walmart Employees

Hundreds of thousands of Walmart associates use Earned Wage Access powered by PayActiv each month. And why not? The rewards are substantial with on-demand access to their own money.

Financial Stress: It Started with a Shoe

It was the worst time for something unexpected to happen. In truth, there never was a good time. Elizabeth felt she was a hamster on a wheel, always running but never getting anywhere.

PayActiv Benefit for IBEX employees

It’s Time to be Amazing – IBEX’s Secret

What does IBEX do? It’s simple. At no cost to the company itself, IBEX offers its 3,000 US based employees the PayActiv Holistic Financial Wellness Benefit.

Letter from an employee

Dear Employer: A Letter From the American Worker

There are no black numbers in sight; all I see is red. I miss work, I lose pay, and I sink deeper into the mud. Others are stuck in the mud with me, and it’s hard for us.

Three Step Guide to Get out of Debt

The 3-Step Guide for Getting Out of Debt

Like Marie Kondo shares in her popular book on decluttering your home, you need to stick with a regular system to reach your goals in the long-term.

Employee Financial Wellness Benefit

How To Improve Employee Financial Wellness

While you can’t help employees overcome every obstacle, you can give them the tools to succeed with their personal finances.

Employees, Employers Both Gain from Popular Financial Wellness Benefit

Growing number of employers are moving forward with new initiatives to help workers overcome financial struggles and reach new levels of financial stability.

PayActiv Partners with Fiserv to Provide Real-Time Earned Wage Access

Fiserv-PayActiv partnership is an important milestone in the PayActiv journey to provide instant, affordable financial services at scale.

Access is more than a paycheck.
It's peace of mind.

Access is more than a paycheck. It's peace of mind.

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