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Walmart’s in Store Direct2Cash Service Gives PayActiv Users Instant Cash Access to Earned Wages

In December 2017 Walmart started offering Earned Wage Access (EWA) to their 1.4 million associates in America. Now a new partnership with Walmart brings another…

Attract the Best Retail Workers This Holiday Season

The holiday season is the biggest time of the year for retail. Many retail stores staff up and add extra workers for the holidays. These…

Employee Financial Wellness Pays Off

Employee Financial Wellness Pays Off

Employers have long focused on maximizing employee productivity, but most of those efforts tend to focus on technology and employee engagement while at work. But…

Access to funds at critical times

Access to Funds at Critical Times

Hurricanes, fires, and other natural disasters strike American cities every year. The recent landfall of Hurricane Florence led to extreme devastation and flooding in the…

PayActiv On-demand Pay

ABC News – Businesses Offer PayActiv Financial Wellness Services for On-demand Pay

Nearly four out of five American households live paycheck to paycheck, so if a family doesn’t have the cash they need to pay for an…

PayActiv Holistic Financial Wellness Services

Membership Does Have Privileges

Financial wellness is not a one-time event. It takes years of focus and education, along with the right accounts, tools, and services, to end financial…

What you lower income hourly wage workers want you to know

What Your Lower Income, Hourly Wage Workers Want You to Know

Many employees feel that there’s an “unwritten guideline” they have to adhere to when dealing with their company’s executives (i.e. always seem grateful, say yes…

NPR Features PayActiv Earned Wage Access

PayActiv Featured in NPR’s All Things Considered

With 40% of Americans unable to pay for a $400 emergency from savings, PayActiv CEO Safwan Shah believes “the problem is really a between-paychecks problem”…

3 Successful Financial Wellness Benefits Employers Offer Today

3 Successful Financial Wellness Benefits Employers Offer Today

Stress from home often bleeds into the workplace, which is just one reason you should be concerned with your employee’s life outside of the office….

Access is more than a paycheck.
It's peace of mind.

Access is more than a paycheck. It's peace of mind.

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