PayActiv creates room for dreams

By helping to eliminate these fees and penalties

$8 billion

Payday Loan Fees

$25 billion

Overdraft Fees

$10 billion

Bank & Money Fees

$27 billion

Subprime & Title Loan Fees

$43 billion

Subprime Auto & Buy Here Pay Here Fees

$25 billion

Credit Card Balance Interest

$10 billion

Late Fees & Reconnect Fees

By helping to eliminate these fees and penalties

$ billion

Payday Loan Fees

$ billion

Overdraft Fees

$ billion

Bank & Money Fees

$ billion

Subprime & Title Loan Fees

$ billion

Subprime Auto & Buy Here Pay Here Fees

$ billion

Credit Card Interest & Fees

$ billion

Late Fees & Reconnect Charges

Read what our users are saying

I have paid a LOT of money in fees, NO MORE!

Eva works in retail, is a mother of a 4-year old. Does not have a bank account and uses PayActiv to make small payments on time every month like phone bill and childcare.

“It was easy and fast enrollment. No credit check or personal information was needed. Honestly, I want others to know about what a great program this is.”

Eva’s story…

Lost his job and is starting life over

Matt, lost his job and traveled cross country to find a job. He has no cards or accounts, so at the age of 32 he is starting his life all over again.

I was homeless when I first got here. Now I am staying in someone’s garage but I pay them rent. I have used PayActiv to pay rent and get food.

Matt’s story…

Needs money for prescription medicines regularly

Will, 65 years old is a grandfather. He uses PayActiv to get medicines for himself and his wife, when the prescription runs out.

“I used PayActiv to get my wife her medicine on time. She depends on me.”

Will’s story…

I used to ask my employer for an advance every time rent was due

Barbara, 50 years old is the head of a household with multiple dependents. Including a grandchild.

Paid late fees multiple times, as a means to get by. Using PayActiv, she has completely eliminated this cost.

Barbara’s story…

Mother of newborn evicted for late payment

Yvette, mother of newborn, evicted for late payment of rent because couldn’t work. Used payroll card and doesn’t like the fees. No bank account. Paid late fees for rent many times.

Used PayActiv to put together deposit for an apartment. Also uses PayActiv for food when she cant wait for payday. Helps manage finances better.

Yvette’s story…

Used to cry, pray and talk to others to get over stress and despair

Selena, 46 years old, working since she was 14. Avoids credit cards but pays for prepaid cards. Used to have bank account. Has taken payday loans.

PayActiv has given Selena the ability to deal with day to day expenses in a timely manner. Peace of mind.

Selena’s story…

I rather not buy something until I have my own money

Lexa lives with relatives. Doesn’t have or use credit cards. Single. Part time student and works a couple of jobs.

“There is a peace of mind. I am less stressed. ”

Lexa’s story…

I paid off two separate payday loans

Daniel is married, has kids and works overtime to make ends meet. His wife also works.

“It has been a huge change in my life; comfort peace of mind; took the worrying out of my life. I paid off two separate payday loans; thank God it is over and PayActiv helped me get through all that.”

Daniel’s story…

It is rough to pay back payday loans; they keep calling you

John is 57, head of household and has worked 30 plus years. Doesn’t have credit cards. Does use prepaid cards.

“I think you have a fair cost; I’d rather deal with you all instead of going to a payday lender. Last year was the last time. I never went back. I stopped when I had PayActiv.”

John’s story…

You have to learn to put yourself on a budget

Lindsey is a healthcare worker. She is 39, mother of 2. She has cut all her credit cards and hates them.

“It’s good. I like it. It’s very helpful. Especially, around the holidays. If you have enough to pay for something that is a good deal. For extra cash to find deals. Even for bills, it helps to budget. Sometimes you might not have enough and have to pay late fees. I know I can go to PayActiv.”

Lindsey’s story…

Had a bank account in the past, but paid too many overdraft fees

Ashley, sole provider for 3 kids. Has been working since she was 16. Has often depended on prepaid cards and hates the fees.

Uses PayActiv for rent deadline. Likes that she can’t withdraw more till the deduction is cleared.

Ashley’s story…

Here is the thing, I basically work for my family

Jimmy, 33, father of 4 children. Works in a clerical role. Completely avoids credit cards, loans, etc.

“PayActiv helps me meet my deadlines. I can send money to my family and pay the phone bill on time.”

Jimmy’s story…

It makes me feel very uncomfortable to ask for money

Philip, technician working for 20 years. Has 3 children. Is constantly stressed about money but doesn’t want his family to know about it. Does side jobs to make extra money.

“I normally use PayActiv twice a month so that I can meet bill and rent deadlines. Normally I would ask a relative to borrow money until pay day but its been 1 year now that I haven’t had to ask anyone to borrow money.”

Philip’s story…

It was Friday and I needed money for the weekend for my family

Kelley is a healthcare worker, started working at 16, head of household. Is always stressed about money. Has no savings. Uses credit cards very rarely.

Likes that now she has an alternative. Has not borrowed money from anyone ever since PayActiv was offered by her employer.

Kelley’s story…

Names and pictures have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.

It's more than a paycheck.
It's peace of mind!

It's more than a paycheck. It's peace of mind!

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