Industry: Restaurants
Key Takeaways
Offered Payactiv financial wellness benefits that attracts new hires
Took care of current employees with on-demand access to earned wages
Provided a benefit that significantly reduces turnover

About Charton Management

Charton Management, Inc. owns and operates fast-food locations of Burger King and fast-casual restaurants, Qdoba.

The Challenge

Charton Management has been in the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) business for more than 40 years. There have been many challenges along the way, but they have managed to always stay ahead of the curve with innovative business strategies. One of the biggest challenges in the fast-food and fast-casual restaurants has been extraordinarily high employee turnover. Most restaurants can expect a turnover at around 80%, but the QSR business experiences numbers as high as 130%, turning over more than a full workforce every year. Retaining employees and attracting new ones is not only essential in keeping the Charton business going, but often takes up a huge amount of their management’s time.

Staffing has been an issue in the QSR industry lately and everybody is competing for the same employee. Early access to pay may be the deciding factor of where an applicant decides to work.

The Solution

Fast food restaurants provide excellent opportunities for unskilled labor to enter the workforce and gain valuable skills in customer service and business management. Employees working in these roles are often students or part-time workers seeing their job as a temporary stepping stone to the next opportunity. However, providing them great working conditions including financial wellness benefits offered through Payactiv, ensures to keep their current employees longer than the competition and attracts new applicants.