Paychex pay solutions powered by Payactiv

Fully integrated solution for Paychex customers to deploy Earned Wage Access benefit to their employees.

Pay-on-demand for Paychex Clients
  • Your employees save hundreds of dollars by avoiding expensive payday loans and other predatory debt
  • Reduces turnover by 30%
  • Increases engagement and loyalty
  • Fully integrated solution
  • No work or cost to your business
  • Payactiv fronts the money requested by your employees

How it works

Activate on-demand pay benefits for your employees

Submit the form below and a Payactiv activation specialist will get you setup.

Your employees opt-in by downloading the Payactiv app
Enrollment requires employee ID and mobile phone number.

Access up to $500 of earned wages between Paychecks
Employees can transfer the money to their bank account, prepaid or debit card, or pick as cash at any Walmart Money Center. The accessed money is deducted from the next paycheck.

All-in-one financial wellness app
Employees can use their earned wages to pay bills, pay friends, get an Uber ride, or make online purchases from Amazon.

Low or NO cost
All Payactiv services are free for employees with direct deposit, or they pay $1 program fee to get their earned wages before payday. Fee is capped at $5 for a bi-weekly pay period.

Budgeting and Savings Tools
With free budgeting and savings tools included, employees can better prepare for their future.

Prescription Discounts
Employees can access discounts at no additional cost.

We’re proud to stand with Payactiv to offer a solution that gives employees immediate access to earned wages when they may be facing unexpected expenses and fluctuating incomes, as well as providing employers an added benefit to offer to their employees when they need it most.

81% of workers

say they would be less likely to leave their current employer if they offered Pay-on-Demand.

Get Payactiv for your business

Improve retention, recruitment, and engagement by offering Payactiv.