July 2017

Search for StabilityThe new working class is far more concentrated in the service sectors – be they retail or restaurants, childcare or healthcare.  The challenge with this new work lies in its lack of financial security. read full article

Ask your employees, do they pay FinTax?

There are over 60 million working families who do not have $400 in savings. They are underbanked, and overcharged. Overdraft fees. Late fees. Phone reconnect fees. Payday loans. Title loans. It goes on and on, it is harsh, it takes a big chunk out of take-home pay. PayActiv eliminates this FinTax on working people.

Room For Dreams

Micro-documentary profiles three users and the ways in which PayActiv provided them with security, dignity and savings by solving their financial issues with a timely solution. [2 min 36 secs]

It's more than a paycheck.
It's peace of mind!

It's more than a paycheck. It's peace of mind!

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