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August 2018: Alleviating Financial Stress for the Typical American Worker

July 2018: The Biggest Financial Pain Points of Your Employees and How You Can Help

June 2018: How Employers Can Attract Hourly Workers in the Growing Gig Economy Labor Market

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April 2018: Earned Wage Access Bridges the Gap Between Paychecks

March 2018: Bonuses Are Great, but What About Financial Wellness?

February 2018: Searching for ways to reduce employee turnover? See how financial wellness helps.

January 2018: The Results of Employee Financial Wellness

December 2017: Walmart Announces Financial Wellness Services for Associates Nationwide

November 2017: Hear An HR Executive's Real Experience With PayActiv

October 2017: Caring For Employees Is Good Business

September 2017: What Your Lower Income, Hourly Workers Want You To Know

August 2017: Five Reasons to Help Your Employees Avoid FinTax

July 2017: Ask your employees, do they pay FinTax?

June 2017: Wounds in the Workplace: What will it Take to Stop the Bleeding?

Our newsletter is called, About Time, because it is about time to change the way workers are paid. The traditional batch process of payday has turned into a source of dreadful stress for employees costing them financial, psychological, and health problems. Businesses also suffer in terms of productivity and turnover. The solution is to eliminate the time of waiting for pay and give employees the tools to manage their finances in a timely and stress-free way. Through this newsletter we share our insights and success of our FinTech innovation, timely access to earned wages.  

Access is more than a paycheck.
It's peace of mind.

Access is more than a paycheck. It's peace of mind.

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