Managing Workplace Morale Post-COVID

Care for your workforce with financial services that keep life moving smoothly

Date: June 25, 2020

You may think your post-COVID operations will be “business as usual”, but there are ugly surprises on the way. Don’t miss this webinar, in which both HR and C-Suite personnel will learn the secret wounds your returning workforce carries, how to address them via a company culture reboot, and exceed pre-COVID productivity levels by offering your people tools and benefits that will put you ahead of your competition.


  1. Exposing the 3 landmines that will destroy your re-hiring and retention process.
  2. Providing culture innovations to sweep those mines away, allowing your workforce to exceed pre-COVID productivity.
  3. Revealing the single most critical new benefit you can offer that will improve productivity, engagement, retention, recruitment, and make employees forget they were ever laid off.


Larry Meyers

Larry Meyers is the SVP of Public Affairs for PayActiv. He is a national expert in the area of financial wellness, consumer credit, and crisis communications.

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