Work Today, Paid Tomorrow

Incentivize filling shifts with TimelyPay and Earned Wage Access

Date: August 13, 2020

Learn how employers across the US are incentivizing staff members to pick up hard-to-fill shifts—even on late-nights and holidays—with access to pay the next day. Employees can get up to 65% of that shift’s pay sent directly to their bank account or instantly to the PayActiv card, all at no cost to them. Managers can select the shift that they want to sponsor with TimelyPay and PayActiv will do the rest of the processing. PayActiv fronts the money to the employees and gets reimbursed by the employers on payday.


  1. Improve employee morale by offering next-day pay for hard-to-fill shifts
  2. Save $ by eliminating expensive staffing agency costs
  3. How to reduce turnover by up to 30%
jay huston


Jay Huston

Jay Huston has been a Strategic Alliances Executive for PayActiv since 2017. Bringing to the table more than 13 years of professional business experience after graduating from Colorado State University, Jay has a strong belief in community and giving back. Jay has found a perfect fit helping the lower income workforce with PayActiv, having personally sold and onboarded more than 100K employees in financial need.

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