Stand Out in the Hiring Process

The Benefit Your Essential Workers Actually Want

Date: May 20, 2021

Finding great people to join your team is a constant challenge and it’s not getting easier any time soon. The people you hire are essential to your business and customers – and you are first in line to help your workers get a step ahead.

You can improve recruitment and impact the daily lives of your workforce from day one with our Livelihood platform. Payactiv is the most valuable employee benefit that can dramatically improve financial wellness and increase employee satisfaction with solutions like:

  • On-demand pay (Earned Wage Access)
  • Tips and mileage payouts
  • Savings and budgeting tools
  • Communication platform
  • Discount marketplace

Better recruitment, retention and engagement all at ZERO cost to you.
What are you waiting for? Learn how Payactiv can boost recruiting and your business today.

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  1. Learn what today’s workers are looking for so you can stay ahead of your competitors
  2. See how you can optimize your recruitment strategy for your essential workforce
  3. Show your employees you value them by offering solutions to their everyday needs, and see reduced turnover by up to 36%


Mike Johnson, VP Sales Operations

Mike Johnson heads Payactiv’s Sales Ops team where we focus on data to provide clients the insights they need to achieve their objectives. Mike brings 17 years of working with HR teams of all sizes to identify their key objectives and align them with solutions that provide results. Mike is purpose-driven and joined Payactiv after immediately seeing the impact Earned Wage Access can have on improving the quality of life of millions of Americans who live paycheck to paycheck.

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