Employee Engagement and Morale at Work

How to get out of debt:
PayActiv "Creating Room for Dreams"

Watch this micro-documentary, a window into how PayActiv users have benefitted from our financial wellness solution and employers’ perspectives on how PayActiv has improved employee morale and subsequently employee retention rates.

Financial wellness benefits for employees

PayActiv is a debt free alternative for employees, of any banking or credit statusto access their already earned income.  Every time employees use PayActiv, they

  • avoid a late fee, interest fee, overdraft fee
  • align their income and expenses to better manage their budgets

Small savings add up and lead to a stress-free life that creates room for dreams.

Key to improving morale at work is to understand employee issues

At PayActiv, we encounter thousands of inspiring user stories.  As we enhance and precision-build our products, we stay close to the needs of our users by engaging with their experience through analytics, surveys and interviews. In the words of PayActiv CEO, Safwan Shah, “I firmly believe that the frontier to cross is to understand what drives human productivity and human achievement in the workplace. The 70-90 million people who are working at low income levels, their issues and their challenges have to be understood very well in order to create engagement.”

How PayActiv solves financial worries of employees

This micro-documentary profiles three users and the ways in which PayActiv provided them with security, dignity and savings by solving their financial issues with a timely solution. When a business takes care of its employees it gains employee engagement and commitment which translates to gains in productivity and reduction in turnover costs. Hear directly from the CEO featured in this documentary on the benefits accrued to businesses.

Hard-working employees use PayActiv to avoid fee and debt-traps to create “Room for Dreams.”    Forward-looking employers provide PayActiv as that critical guardrail to keep their employees on a path to financial self-reliance.

employee engagement - business as a force for good

Together with forward looking businesses that practice corporate social responsibility we make a positive impact in society. 

Access is more than a paycheck.
It's peace of mind.

Access is more than a paycheck. It's peace of mind.

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