I used to ask my employer for an advance every time rent was due

Barbara, 50 years old, has been the head of her household for the last 10 years. She has multiple dependents including a grandchild.


Financial Stress

Barbara was living paycheck-to-paycheck attempting to juggle the huge gaps between her income and routine expenses. She regularly paid late fees on rent and all other monthly expenses just to get by.

“My lowest point was a time when I was being evicted. My truck broke down so I had to use my rent money to repair my truck. I stayed with my sister until we found another place. It’s still hard to talk about it. I’ll never forget that day when I walked to my apartment door which had a legal notice and new locks.”

PayActiv Benefit

Today, Barbara uses PayActiv to pay her bills on time and has eliminated the cost of late fees. Most importantly, Barbara regained the dignity that comes with direct access to her own money.

From Barbara
“In simple words, PayActiv has helped me day after day.”

Access is more than a paycheck.
It's peace of mind.

Access is more than a paycheck. It's peace of mind.

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