Who We Are

PayActiv is the originator of Earned Wage Access, which gives employees access to wages they have earned but not yet been paid on.

PayActiv gives businesses essential tools to enhance the financial wellness of their employees, and build a higher performing workforce.

Employers love it because it significantly enhances worker productivity, engagement, retention, and recruitment, and in doing so, converts time into money.

Employees love it because it materially reduces financial stress, freeing up the time to enhance their lives and well-being, and giving them room for dreams.

PayActiv Mission

To provide millions of financially stressed workers access to security, dignity, and savings.

PayActiv Vision

  • To end financial stress for workers globally.
  • To help workers find time to pursue their dreams.
  • To be the destination app for the underserved.

PayActiv Values

  • Access for all
  • Everyone’s time is precious
  • Accountability to the public, not just to shareholders
  • Creating a culture of empathy where all are deserving of dignity

What Distinguishes PayActiv

  • PayActiv converts time into freedom for employees
  • PayActiv converts time into money for employers
  • PayActiv offers a holistic platform to accomplish our mission, not only Earned Wage Access
  • PayActiv services are the least expensive while providing far more value
  • PayActiv is both a Public Benefit Corporation and B-Corporation, placing our mission and value statements on par with profit.

PayActiv is an award-winning holistic financial wellness platform for employees to get on-demand access to earned but unpaid wage.  Employees also have access to a suite of financial services that include savings and budgeting tools, bill payment and financial counseling with no upselling.

For employers who want enhanced employee engagement, retention, and productivity at no additional cost or effort, PayActiv provides best-in-class value for earned wage access and financial wellness tools, empowering employees to improve their lives and give them room for dreams.

PayActiv has won best in class awards in both FinTech & HRTech and is the provider for Earned Wage Access to Walmart and over 1,000 other businesses.

As a certified B Corporation, the company must meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. B Corporations work toward reduced inequality, lower levels of poverty, a healthier environment, stronger communities, and the creation of more high quality jobs with dignity and purpose.

As a Public Benefit Corporation, PayActiv has written into its governing articles that it’s public benefit is “to help lower-income and hourly wage employees access their earned but unpaid wages, resulting in reduced financial distress and increased financial wellness for low-income hourly employees and their families.”


Our social responsibility DNA and decades of experience in payments technologies helped us reimagine the way financial services should be delivered to lower-income workers. PayActiv is designed to help each and every user reach financial resilience and wellness.


After seeing the data about the millions of people living paycheck-to-paycheck, we applied our payments industry experience to find a way for no working American to ever have to pay predatory fees for access to cash, pay bills, or transfer funds. To deliver an ecosystem of financial services that address employee financial stress at the root cause is our mission. PayActiv launched in 2014.

Implemented in companies nationwide

PayActiv serves thousands of employees and industries all across the board—restaurants, factories, hospitals, retail stores, and many more. Since PayActiv shows such high success rates in improved employee financial wellness and profitability, this tells us rethinking traditional payroll schedules is conducive to financial health. Companies using PayActiv nationwide include Walmart, Bay Care, Alorica, Results Co, TTEC, NPC, Overstock, Purdue Chicken, and many many more.


PayActiv is 200 people and headquartered in San Jose, California. The company has received $17.2M in funding to date; investors include Softbank Capital.

Key terms

  • Earned Wage Access - Financial technology service that allows users to receive on demand a portion of their wages for hours they have already worked but not yet been paid for by their employer. PayActiv invented Earned Wage Access in 2012.
  • FinTax - The unfair financial tolls and penalties hoisted upon the shoulders of over 90 million Americans living paycheck to paycheck, solely because they have little if any margin for error in their financial dealings. PayActiv first used the term Fin-Tax in 2015.
  • Between Paychecks - The period where a lower income worker has earned but can’t access their wages.
  • PayActiv - Making payments active.

PayActiv in the News


PayActiv’s founder, Safwan Shah, talks with a missionary zeal about the potential impact. “The biggest bank in this country is the bank of the employer, and two to three weeks of salary for most people is stuck there,” he said. “This is a corporate responsibility issue.”   » Read full story

New Payday Options for Making Ends Meet


New financial technology lets employees draw on a portion of their salary as they earn it. "Is waiting to get paid something that can create forced savings, or does it cause problems for low-income people? We’ve done studies to prove that what we are doing is actually helping people save more.”  » Read full story

With Payday Lending Under Fire, These Services Turn Your Employer Into an ATM

What I found intriguing is that PayActiv would increase the velocity of money in our economy. In Shah’s model, the world’s largest bank resides within corporations, where money that has been earned but not paid out is stored; he estimates that over $100 billion per week is frozen in the U.S. alone. PayActiv can transfer that to the hands of employees who need it most.» Read full story

Two New Employee Benefits Aimed at Millennials

“This is neither a loan nor an advance. It’s already earned. It’s just a technology solution. We change the frequency or velocity of money,” said Safwan Shah, founder and CEO of PayActiv. » Read full story

How to Access Your Hard-earned Money Before Payday

PayActiv representatives help set up savings accounts, demonstrating how saving just a few minutes’ worth of wages over time becomes a way to pay debts or family expenses. They also guide users to credit counselors for one-on-one advice.  »  Read full story

Solving “more month than money” Puzzle

"Many workers are reluctant to ask for an advance," says Ulislam. "So by the time they request one, they may be in real trouble. They need the money yesterday, not in four or five days."  »  Read full story

Help in Advance

PayActiv disrupts the destructive cycle of payday loans by giving workers access to wages they have already earned but have not yet been paid. The firm also offers a simple mechanism for savings and very comprehensive end-to-end tech.  »  Read full story

The Best of the Bunch from Finovate Spring

Technology in finance has made millionaires and billionaires but what has it done to address the financial hardships of those who live paycheck to paycheck? Instead of falling victim to predatory lenders they can now access wages they have already earned! Sometimes the biggest ideas are the most simple and elegant.  »  Read full story

How PayActiv’s Safwan Shah Looks to Eliminate the Vicious Debt Spiral

Evolution of Pay

  • Nov 15, 2017

    Early History

    • 10,000-6,000 BC: First salary believed to be paid.
    • 700 BC: Ancient commands about timely payment of wages (Deuteronomy 24:15).
    • 610 AD: Al-Baghawi wrote: "Pay the laborer his just wages before the sweat on his brow dries up."
  • Nov 15, 2017

    14th Century

    • Bookkeeping/accounting became essential business practices.
  • Nov 15, 2017


    • First computerized payroll system is created.
  • Nov 15, 2017


  • Nov 15, 2017


    • First PayActiv customer goes live and employees are delighted.
    • PayActiv announces funding round of $4.3M on June 19th, 2014.
  • Nov 15, 2017


    • PayActiv runs national trials to measure impact on lives of employees.
  • Nov 15, 2017


    • PayActiv announces $9.2M funding from Softbank Capital on February 16th.
    • Barron’s writes, “PayActiv would increase the velocity of money in our economy."
    • PayActiv awarded Best of FinTech Show at FinovateSpring 2016 on May 13th.
    • PayActiv awarded Top HR Product of 2016 on September 19th.
  • Nov 15, 2017


    • PayActiv expands to 32 states in the U.S.
    • PayActiv's Timely Access to Earned Wages powers Walmart's financial wellness service
  • Nov 15, 2017


    • PayActiv expands nationwide in the U.S.
    • Globally in Philippines, Brazil, Australia
    • May 2018 Harvard Kennedy School working paper demonstrates how salary link model of PayActiv Earned Wage Access lowers employee turnover by 19% and employees save on average $30 and avoid a bank overdraft or late payment
    • July 2018 - PayActiv Joins ADP Marketplace to Provide Workers with Timely Access to Earned Wages
    • September 2018 - PayActiv raises $20 million from Generation Partners in a Series B financing round.
  • Nov 15, 2017


    • Jan 2019 PayActiv Crosses $1 Billion in Processed Funds for Timely Earned Wage Access to the Underserved and Underbanked Workforce.
    • Sep 2019 PayActiv Becomes Public Benefit Corporation.
  • Nov 15, 2017


    • January 2020 PayActiv processes $2.5 billion, serving over a million users.

Access is more than a paycheck.
It's peace of mind.

Access is more than a paycheck. It's peace of mind.

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