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Real Time Payroll, A FinTech Innovation

Watch PayActiv CEO Safwan Shah sheds light on the economic damage caused by the alternative financial services industry and how PayActiv can help millions of people with their financial struggles using technological innovation to bring financial services to working people - FinTech for Ordinary People!

Video Transcript

We are a Silicon Valley FinTech company that enables any working person immediate access to earned salary. We do it by making payroll real time. We have changed the way earned salary is accessed. Historically the debate has been around level, which is how much you are paid, structure - how you are paid, whether it is in commissions, tips, etc.

We at PayActiv are focusing on timing - or when you are paid. Every week 136B dollars are earned but inaccessible to employees. Over 89Bdollars are paid in fees by the 90M people living paycheck to paycheck. With two thirds of the US population living paycheck to paycheck, Real-Time payroll can annually add well over 25B dollars into peoples’ wallets, just through savings from predatory fees.

After seeing the startling data about the life of the millions of people that are underserved, asset-limited, unbanked, under-banked, living paycheck to paycheck, we applied our payments industry experience to figure a way that no working American ever has to pay predatory fees for access to cash, pay bills, transfer funds.

PayActiv’s Real Time payroll is just one of our services. We also offer tools to save money, create and manage savings and lots more.


Our DNA is of innovators. Innovators with a purpose. We relentlessly innovate to make a measurable difference in society.


PayActiv, Security, Dignity, Savings.

Access is more than a paycheck.
It's peace of mind.

Access is more than a paycheck. It's peace of mind.

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