PayActiv Powers Walmart Earned Wage Access

A Watershed Moment for Employee Financial Wellness

1.4 million Walmart associates are able to avoid the fee and debt traps which reduce their take-home pay. With earned wage access they have a level of stability that employers can now provide.

Several hundred thousand users and over a billion dollars [earned wages] have been accessed by our associates. PayActiv continues to be a great partner.


Scott Pullen
Senior Benefits Manager



  • Earned Wage Access

    Timely access to earned wages helps employees avoid bank charges, late bill fees, and high-interest loans. Significantly lowers employee stress and improves overall employee wellness.

  • Direct 2 Cash

    For the under and unbanked, most if not all transactions are cash-based. One of the key ways Employees benefit is the ability to access their earned wages in a variety of different ways including cash pick up from the flexibility to access wages for critical needs any time their local Walmart Money Center.  

  • Holistic Financial Wellness

    Workers face a variety of different hurdles on their journey to financial wellness. The many problems they face require a diverse set of tools to solve. That’s why PayActiv provides employees with a toolkit of powerful, yet affordable financial services giving flexibility and breathing room to achieve the things they set out to do.

Be a Hero for Your Employees

70% of workers say they’re in financial stress and more than 50% say it’s affecting their work.PayActiv provides a financial solution that benefits BOTH employees and employers.  Your employees get many financial wellness services and access to earned wages between paychecks. You'll enjoy increased loyalty and lower turnover.

Access is more than a paycheck.
It's peace of mind.

Access is more than a paycheck. It's peace of mind.

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