Financial Services for Essential Employees

The Coronavirus lockdown stands to hit America’s 80 million hourly workers hardest. They need help now. To extend immediate, real assistance, we have waived our fees, making the decision even easier for businesses to offer this critical service to their workforce. Let us help you offer immediate relief to your employees.

Together we can alleviate the financial stress experienced by millions of American workers from the COVID-19 crisis.

We are here for you


Provide Instant Relief with the Services Employees Need

PayActiv is designed not only to make employees’ lives easier, but also help employers – especially during a crisis. We don't merely offer Earned Wage Access. We also offer important services like TimelyRides, Awards, Cashless Tips, and much more.

Attract New Employees

Offer a benefit that provides instant access to earned wages.

Engage Employees

Stay connected with your employees during a crisis.

Communicate In-App

Send notifications to employees directly through the app.

Disburse Tips Electronically

Automated solution for tips and mileage disbursement.

Retain Employees

Offer a benefit that shows you care in their time of need.

Use TimelyRides

Help employees avoid mass transit with our TimelyRides feature.

Fill Open Shifts

Use incentives to fill shifts for critical services.

Recognize Your Superstars

Financially reward workers with our Awards feature.

Interested in getting PayActiv for your business? Book a demo with our sales team to get started.

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With PayActiv, You Have a Friend in Your Corner

PayActiv wants to thank all our users on the workforce frontlines during the pandemic of COVID-19. If you need you can access your earned wages anytime at zero cost.

Access Your Earned Wages

Instant access up to $500 of your earned wages.

Order Online through Amazon

Get your supplies delivered during shelter in place.

Pay Bills Online

Send payments directly with your earned but unpaid wages.

Get Prescription Discounts

Use PayActiv to get discounts at pharmacies near you.

Get a Ride with Uber

Access Uber with earned wages.

Get 1-1 Financial Advice

You are not alone. Talk to a trained advisor.

If your employer offers PayActiv, download the PayActiv app from the App store today.

Essential, Exhausted, and Expendable

“Essential” = Exhausted and Expendable

While essential workers struggle to pay their bills, and lack of health insurance. PayActiv’s Earned Wage Access is what they need right now.

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Access is more than a paycheck.
It's peace of mind.

Access is more than a paycheck. It's peace of mind.

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