Industry: Retail
With over 230 locations in seven states, Sun Com Mobile is a rapidly expanding customer-centric cellular provider and is one of the largest partners of Cricket Wireless in the US.
While specializing in providing a delightful customer experience, Sun Com has also focused on creating a wonderful employee experience for its nearly 2500 employees. Sun Com has been a Payactiv partner in financial wellness since 2018.

The Challenge

As a growing retailer, Sun Com quickly realized the impact of turnover on its bottom-line. Management at Sun Com also understood the unique challenges faced by its new hires in waiting for their first paycheck. With these problems in mind, Sun Com sought a solution that solved for employee financial stress and helped them recruit, engage, and retain top talent.

4 weeks is a long time for a person to go without a paycheck...Our new hires would then be able to access their earned income before their first scheduled paycheck.

The Solution

With Payactiv, Sun Com was able to help alleviate financial stress for their employees, particularly their new hires, many of whom would otherwise not see a paycheck for up to 4 weeks. The Payactiv platform and on-demand access to earned wages proved overwhelmingly popular: Sun Com employees have accessed more than $1 Million since 2018. There was a clear need for the Payactiv solution and the results speak for themselves. Sun Com’s HR Director Toby Priddy said it best: “… we had some pretty dramatic initial enrollment rates. We were proud that there was really kind of a need out there and we were able to service it.”

Toby Priddy Shares an Employee’s Story

“We had an individual that was in danger of losing their house and their car after Hurricane Harvey hit. With the help of Payactiv, and some of the help on the company’s part, we were able to get the employee everything they needed at the time in order to save them from going into foreclosure of their house or repossession on their car.”


After a very successful pilot, SunCom rolled out the Payactiv benefit to all their locations across seven states and saw high adoption rates across the board. Both employees and management were drawn in by the platform’s simplicity and ease of use.

[What] makes Payactiv stand out from the crowd of other financial wellness programs. It’s just so much easier to work with than ones I’ve actually dealt with in the past.


Payactiv’s streamlined onboarding helped provide Sun Com with all the information they needed for a successful launch. Sun Com was met with a dedicated customer success team who helped provide a sea of marketing material at launch to help educate Sun Com employees. This was incredibly useful for new hires who appreciated management’s commitment to their financial wellness.

There were a lot of questions at first: what is this? How does this work? What can we do in order to sign up for it? With the help of Payactiv sending the marketing material out to the 174 stores we had open at the time, we were able to easily educate our employee workforce.

Financial Wellness

Aware of the problems financial stress causes for its employees, Sun Com looked for a way to help increase adoption and awareness of their financial wellness benefit. Before implementing Payactiv, Sun Com was suffering from high new-hire attrition rates.

The user-friendliness and the education pieces you provide—whether it be by phone calls, website, or just being able to send out information to users is an added bonus.

Recruitment & Retention

Sun Com found that providing on-demand access to earned wages helped recruit and retain employees, particularly for new hires which had historically high turnover rates. As a whole, it benefited immensely by choosing Payactiv as its partner in financial wellness. Sun Com saw phenomenal adoption rates and saw an immediate return on investment; new hire turnover started dropping.

I don’t see any company that would not benefit from offering Payactiv as it is no cost to the employer. I don’t see any downside whatsoever from the Payactiv program.