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When Will You Charge Your Robot?

By Safwan Shah on June 7, 2018

PayActiv CEO Safwan Shah's talk at CFSI Emerge 2018:


When Will You Charge Your Robot?

Robots are coming.
While many worry about the jobs they will take, I worry about how we will charge the robots, and how we control them.

The way to control these robots could be quite simple.
Do unto them what we do to over 2 Billion lower income workers of the world.
Charge robots like we pay people their wages. Weekly, Biweekly or if you can get away with it, monthly.  It will keep them on edge, anxious, stressed –– very stressed; and if you like to be mean, indentured and enslaved.

I’ll tell you why that will work:
It has worked for thousands of years as a way to control two thirds of the human race.


There is a key HR lesson from our coming robot workforce.


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It's more than a paycheck. It's peace of mind.

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