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Interview: Toby Priddy, HR Director, Sun Com Mobile

4 weeks is a long time for a person to go without a paycheck. With PayActiv, our new hires are able to access their earned income before their first scheduled paycheck.

Attract New Hires and Improve Recruitment With Financial Wellness

Blog › Outcomes of Employee Financial Wellness Attract New Hires and Improve Recruitment Rates with Financial Wellness By Insights Team on February 19, 2018 Being the company top talent wants is the challenge of a lifetime, isn’t it? According to SHRM, more than two-thirds of organizations are having a hard time recruiting for job openings. And to make…

ToysRUs, Layoffs, Could Employee Financial Wellness Make a Difference

Happy employees create happy customers. It is no wonder then that employee financial wellness is the fastest growing benefit that retailers and other businesses are offering their employees.

Employee Retention: Taking a Close Look, Part 3

The unique challenges of retaining hourly workers, challenges PayActiv holds expertise in solving for both businesses and their employees.

Interview: Anne Segura, Sr. Director of HR, Baton Rouge Medical Center

Anne Segura, Sr. Director of HR, tells us the improvements she’s seen in her employees’ lives and in the care of Baton Rouge General patients since implementing PayActiv.

How to Harness Your Inner Financial Guru in 2018

It’s time to kick your financial health into gear and leave those nasty FinTax costs (like overdraft and late fees) in 2017, where they belong.

Access is more than a paycheck.
It's peace of mind.

Access is more than a paycheck. It's peace of mind.

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