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Beware of the Spin: Payactiv Is The Only EWA Provider Exempt From TILA

While any EWA provider can apply for approval from the CFPB, Payactiv is the only provider to have obtained an approval order.

Are Your Employees Struggling to Keep Their Lights On?

According to the National Energy Assistance Directors’ Association, more than 179 million people are at risk of utility shut-offs. This time of year, hourly workers…

It’s Official: Payactiv is the Only EWA Provider with a CFPB Approval Order

The CFPB’s Approval Order only applies to Payactiv—and Payactiv is the only EWA provider to have achieved such an order.

7 Financial Resolutions for 2021

From your credit score to your bank account, reviewing your finances and moving forward with good spending strategies can put you in a position to financially thrive.

Mental Health is Good for Business

Reduce your employees’ financial stress with Earned Wage Access.

What you don't know about your favorite employee

What Your Favorite Employee Isn’t Telling You

As you consider gifts for employees this holiday season, consider the gift of access. With EWA from Payactiv, employees can get wages as they earn them.

Choose Your Scrooge

By offering Payactiv, you are endeavoring to assist struggling families, and keeping the Christmas spirit alive the entire year.

More Than Elves

Workers are not only essential to the functioning of the business, but they are essential to the fabric that binds society together.

A Holiday Present for All

To have the federal government officially recognize EWA as a new financial product means more to us than words can express.

Access is more than a paycheck.
It's peace of mind.

Access is more than a paycheck. It's peace of mind.

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