An Ocean View

Perhaps you’ve noticed that people in your life have been making some changes. Some have switched jobs. Some have ended relationships or even marriages. Some have left town, in search of a new life or just states that permit indoor dining.

The pandemic hit us all like an anvil falling on a cartoon character’s head. 

The regular routine of our daily lives was upended. Then we were isolated, cut off from friends, family, social circles, and just day-to-day casual interactions. Virtual connections certainly don’t make up for face-to-face contact.

We were each floating on the ocean in our own personal ships when the perfect storm hit, smashed our boats to pieces and left us adrift in our vast personal oceans. It’s one thing to enjoy an ocean view from a boat or hotel room, but another when that view is because you’re floating with no land in sight.

So that feeling of confusion or dislocation you feel? You’re caught in a monumental internal riptide. The good news is that you are most definitely not alone. Everyone is feeling the same way, and that’s why you are seeing people make life changes.

But why did they make these changes?  

They did something that few people do. Extraordinary circumstances like pandemic life caused many people to stop what they were doing and ask themselves the most important question in life:

“What do I really want?” They’re asking about the deepest desires of the human heart.We don’t get to think about that question very much because we are mostly focused on plain survival, making it from this paycheck to the next. 

You may think that this is about giving yourself permission to ask that question.  You don’t need permission because it is your life.  It isn’t selfish to follow your inner voice.  The reason many people have made changes is because they realized they were unhappy.  

If you offer Payactiv’s Earned Wage Access (EWA), you have an advantage over those that don’t. We designed EWA so you could reduce financial stress in your life, build savings, and make room for dreams. 

Now is the time to dream. Now is the time to take those long walks on your own and just contemplate. Ask yourself what it is that you really want. Then put it into action. It can be small things or big things. It can be little pivots in life or grand changes. It may also take some time to figure out, it may change as you go, and you may refine it along the way.

We all have obligations to many different parties: our kids, spouses, partners, family members, and employers. But we also have an obligation to ourselves, and it is easily forgotten. There are also twinges of guilt that by somehow thinking about ourselves, or doing something for ourselves, or making big changes for ourselves is wrong. 

It isn’t wrong It’s your life.

It’s you spotting land as you drift in the ocean and you swimming towards it. Then you spot a rowboat which picks you up and together you row towards shore.  

Payactiv is that rowboat. We’re happy to join you for that ride. Welcome aboard.

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Access is more than a paycheck. It's peace of mind.

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